What is it?

Avenue Leadership is our strategy to develop leaders in Avenue College Ministry. Our passion is to help college student-leaders to deepen their walk as a disciple of Christ and equip them to become a next-level disciple maker. 

Why do we do it?

It will equip college students who are leaders or show leadership potential with even more skills, knowledge, and opportunity for spiritual maturation. The goal is to take our best and make them better disciples and disciple makers.

How do we do it?

We have a two-part leadership development strategy. Student-leaders grow by being discipled and by discipling others. We do this primarily through Discipleship Groups and Community Groups. 

Discipleship Groups are gender-specific, adult-led small groups (max. 6 students) that exist for student-leaders to experience focused community-discipleship that will challenge them in spiritual growth and disciple-making. 

Community Groups are co-ed, student-led groups that are designed to provide the entire ministry with community-discipleship while also allowing student-leaders to disciple their peers.

What can you expect to get out Avenue Leadership?

•    Focused Discipleship from experienced and mature Christians
•    Biblical Training in discipleship (following Jesus), including disciple-making (helping others follow Jesus)
•    Development of practical leadership, disciple-making, and ministry skills
•    Challenging personal investment in your own spiritual growth alongside a team of other leaders
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Time Commitment:

•    Weekly Sunday morning church (college ministry and all church worship)
•    Weekly Community Group (2 hr/week)
•    Weekly Discipleship Group (1 hr/week)
•    Monthly Leadership Meetings (1 hr/month before church on Sunday)
•    Mandatory Leadership Meeting Saturday before beginning of Fall Semester
•    Mandatory Leadership Training April 13, 2019. 


Character Expectations

•    Live above reproach (1 Timothy 3:1-10) and as an example of Christ to others
•    Be humble, servant-hearted, and teachable
•    Be willing to plant a new Community Group
•    Actively invest in personal discipleship and spiritual growth
•    Be a contributing member of Columbus Avenue Baptist Church
•    Actively seek to share your faith with unbelievers 
•    Maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA
•    Make the Avenue College Ministry mission and events a priority