Grades have been posted and you, Columbus Avenue, have earned a 96%. Congratulations!

Approximately 4 years ago, several listening sessions were conducted. During those sessions you shared many ideas for Columbus Avenue. The Long Range Planning committee categorized and assimilated your input. As a result, the Columbus2025 Vision was formulated. Besides stating our Vision and Values, 6 Calls were developed:
  1. A Call to Truth
  2.  A Call to Mission
  3. A Call to Discipleship
  4. A Call to the Next Generation
  5. A Call to Joyful Living
  6. A Call to Provide Welcoming God-Honoring Facilities
Each of the Calls were defined by several subcategories, a total of around 50. This year the LRP Committee decided that it was time to audit the progress. In reviewing the 50 areas of need, we determined significant accomplishments in 48 of them. The remaining 2 have been investigated but are dependent, in part, on the Columbus365 project. Partial credit? Perhaps you earned higher than a 96%!
Last Sunday, inside your bulletin, you saw a flier summarizing the Columbus2025 assessment the LRP committee conducted. Although more examples could have been documented, some highlights showing the progress were presented for each Call.
View the flier here
Sadly, we live in a dark world as we were reminded with the events of last week in Santa Fe Texas. Many are seeking answers and places to turn. Columbus Avenue, it is not enough to just “know”, we need to find more ways to “show”. Show the love of our Savior to those in need. Show the light of His love in this dark world. There is hope, we know it and it is our duty to show it. The LRP Committee believes that Columbus2025 is a way for our Church to do this.
You should be very excited and proud Columbus Avenue. There are so many accomplishments! Take a moment to enjoy the successes as we push forward in being the Church in the Center of the City.





See the Columbus 2025 book here