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Building Committee

David Alford
David has been a member at Columbus Avenue since 1980 and currently teaches the Nearly and Newly Married Sunday School class. David has served Columbus on several leadership committees over the last three decades. David is an attorney.  He currently serves on the Facilities 2025 Team and was the chairman of the Welcome Center Committee.
Gerry Dunlap
Gerry has been a member of Columbus Avenue since August of 2015. He is a member of the Seekers Sunday School Class. Gerry brings valuable experience from his involvement with another large church serving on their building project.  He is a solid leader and a strong believer in Christ who feels passionately that this is an important project for the growth of our church.
Lyndon Herrstrom
Lyndon has been nominated to serve as chair of the Building Committee.  Lyndon has been a church member since 2013 and is currently the chairperson for the Facility 2025 Team. Lyndon’s career in corporate and commercial real estate has involved facilities management, property development and renovation, and supervising portfolios.
Dr. Steve Raley
Steve has been a member of Columbus Avenue since 1985. He teaches the Journey Sunday School class and is the chairperson of the Long Range Planning Committee. Dr. Raley’s experience as a physician has taught him how to serve and interact with others.  He has spearheaded the Long Range Planning Committee in their efforts in developing the Columbus 2025 vision.
Scott Rogers
Scott serves as 2017 chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee. He has been a member of Columbus Avenue since 2009. Scott’s profession as a banking executive and commercial loan officer has helped him develop the leadership skills that has allowed him to be instrumental in the evaluation of the Columbus facilities.  He and his committee have walked every inch of the Columbus Avenue campus.
Fred Walters
Fred, a member of Columbus Avenue since 1983, teaches the Journey Adult Sunday School Class and is the current chairman of the Deacon body.  As a retired radiologist, he is well-trained in making connections with people and working as a team.  Fred previously served on the Welcome Center Committee and has a strong desire to see an inviting area that draws people further into Columbus.
Emmalie Welstead
Emmalie has been a member of Columbus Avenue since April of 1986. She has been involved with the Children’s Ministry in many areas and is a past Children’s Committee chair.  Emmalie runs a local retail store and has taught afterschool activities for a local school district for several years.  She volunteered in the Waco Junior League for over 10 years and also served on the Welcome Center Committee and Leadership Enlistment Committee. She is passionate about seeing Columbus and especially the Children’s ministry flourish.


Funding Committee

Michael Baldwin
Michael has been a member at Columbus Avenue since 2014 and is a member of the Journey Sunday School Class. Michael works at Oncor Electric Delivery leading the customer operations for the South Region.  His role includes communicating with local communities and governments as well as supervising the area managers for Oncor’s southern region.  Michael’s expertise in communicating and working with teams will be an important asset to the team.
Jeff Bowles
Jeff has been a member of Columbus Avenue since 2001. Jeff is a leader in the college department and is the immediate past chairman of the Deacon body. Jeff’s role as Director of Baylor’s electronic and marketing communication provides him unique insight into how to communicate effectively to both a large audience and individuals. Jeff’s past role as chairman of the Deacon body provides him with a thorough understanding of all aspects of Columbus Avenue.  Jeff is nominated to serve as chairperson of the Facilities 2025 Funding Committee.
Debra Burleson
Debra has been a member of Columbus Avenue since January of 1976. She is a Director for the Adult 50-60’s Sunday School Classes. Debra’s background as a lecturer at Baylor provides her with the skills to connect with others especially in larger groups.  Her area of expertise is business communication which will be a vital resource to the team.
Jonathan Cannon
Jonathan is a member of the Nearly & Newly Married Sunday School class and has been a member at Columbus Avenue since April 2016.  He grew up locally in Troy and moved to the Waco area with his wife Rebekah in November 2014. Jonathan’s background in civil engineering has provided him experience working on residential and private development projects including project estimation and construction management.
Carolyn Chamness
Carolyn is a member of the Sanctuary Choir and the BraveHeart Sunday School Class. She has been a member of Columbus since September of 1982. Carolyn has served in a wide variety of capacities during her life at Columbus Avenue.  Her experience as an educator at Family Matters, Inc prepares her for leadership and communication in the committee’s task.
Sarah Starr
Sarah is a director of the 2nd Grade Sunday School Class along with many other Children’s activities. She has been a member at Columbus Avenue since 2007.  Sarah brings a thoughtful and unique perspective to the team having grown up at Columbus Avenue as a child and now serving as an adult with children of her own.  She is connected with church members of all ages with her grandparents Ed and Barbara Carter who are also members.
Greg White
At Columbus Avenue, he has taught the senior adult men in the Frank Wilson class, for years and has a great rapport with that age group.  His wife, Ellen, teaches the ladies of that same age group. He has been a lawyer in the Waco area for over 30 years.  He, most recently, joined Baylor Law School’s faculty (2016) and is excited to serve Columbus Avenue in this new capacity.