10 Tips for Establishing
a Family Devotional Time


  1. Children learn that spending time with God is important when they see their parents making it a priority and they learn best by doing. Decide upon a time of day that works best for your family most days and establish a routine or pattern that will be predictable – this helps kids know what to expect.
  2. Be creative with the setting. Go outside, take a walk, talk over dessert, or in the car.
  3. God’s Word – the Bible – should be given top priority. Find a good Children’s Bible in the translation you prefer.
  4. Avoid preaching or lecturing. Allow every member of the family to contribute to the discussion, read scripture, record prayer requests, etc. Value and affirm each person’s input. Teach children that anything that is important to them is important to God and worthy of prayer. Give them time to pray in their own way.
  5. Keep little hands busy. Allow kids to build with Legos, play with play dough, pipe cleaners, crayons/paper, dress-up clothes, etc. as they “visualize” the story. Toddlers will enjoy sitting in your lap and helping hold the Bible.
  6. Don’t belabor the time unnecessarily. The attention span of a child usually coincides with his/her age…….even a few minutes are better than none at all.
  7. Think about how the Bible passage applies to your family and look for ways to make it relevant. Ask the question, “What does this mean for us?”
  8. Keep the Bible and devotional materials in a visible place (on the table, by the bed, etc.) as a reminder to you and the kids.
  9.  Not everyday will be profound.  Avoid the temptation to overthink and/or compare one day to the next.  Allow the Holy Spirit to work in His own time.
  10. The most important thing is not HOW you do family devotional time but THAT you do it. Remember that worship is your act of giving glory to God – He values the presence and praise of His children. Sometimes it will be hard………but always worth it.