My ministry objective is for God alone to be glorified. Because of this, I long to sing and to teach the gospel, apply God’s Word in everything that I do, and to love his people. Christ has accomplished all and justified me; therefore, I live for him out of gratitude for his finished work in satisfying God’s wrath and sealing my salvation. I must do whatever is allowed of me by God to reach others with the gospel message whether it be through music or teaching, and to cultivate growth in them to maturity in Christ.
                - Michael Slaughter

On August 26, an overwhelming 97% of Columbus Avenue members voted for Michael Slaughter as the new Associate Pastor of Music and Worship. Michael's first day will be September 16.

About Michael


  • Married to Rachel Slaughter
  • Children: Jeremiah (6), Abigail (3), Lydia (5m)

Background & Education

  • 38 years old | Ordained 2011
  • Served 10+ Years in Music & Worship
  • Master of Music & Worship, Liberty University
  • Bachelors of Music, Oklahoma Baptist University

Statements about Michael Slaughter

  • A man that loves God and loves the people of the church
  • Blessed with talent in all areas of worship
  • Purposed and filled with vibrant energy
  • Passionate about loving people and leading in worship
  • Enjoys and leads all types of music
  • Loves all generations
  • Easy going but mission driven
  • Has the ability to respect the rich CABC musical heritage yet grow and carry the worship ministry forward
  • Our top choice - the most qualified candidate
  • A perfect-fit for Columbus Avenue
  • Simply a talented and wonderful family that God will use to bless our church
“Michael’s ministry objective is for God alone to be glorified. Michael has a contagious personality and this makes him very easy to be liked by all age groups.  Michael’s easy going, outgoing personality will be a positive influence on the staff at Columbus Avenue.  Energy and joy are a large part of Michael’s personality and his leadership in worship.  He utilizes lay-members in the worship experience, and leads others to participate actively in worship.  Michael loves all types of music.  From the organ and traditional hymns to high-tech and modern worship songs, he will utilize all music in worship to glorify God.  He longs to sing and teach the gospel through song.  Michael will lead in worship and ministry with a contagious zeal.  A high level of competency in choral directing, orchestral directing, and media and technology will help grow and move forward the music ministry of Columbus Avenue.  The search committee unanimously recommends Michael Slaughter for the position of Associate Pastor of Music and Worship.” 
- Joy Walters, Associate Pastor of Music and Worship Search Committee Chairman