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Dinner served from 5-6pm
Safe and dynamic kids activities - 6pm
Adult classes and topics adults want to study - 6pm
Kids activities and adult studies end by 7:30pm


Session One begins JANUARY 9

Pastor's Study: The Art of Marriage

7 Weeks
Led by Senior Pastor Josh Vaughan & Daniel McAfee
Cost $20 couple
Room 313

Every marriage is unique, expressed by the colorful peronalities of each spouse and textured by the circumstances at play in their lives. Blending these to make marriage work is a divinely inspired art form - challenging to master but definitely worth the effort.
Join Pastor Josh Vaughan as we weave together expert teaching, engaging stories, man-on-the-street interviews, humorous vignettes and much more to portray the hope and beauty of God's design.
Begins January 9 and ends February 20

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Ladies' Study: God of Covenant - Genesis Part 2
by Jen Wilkins 

10 Weeks
Led by Karen Baldwin
Cost: $13 (incl. workbook)

Room 315
Beginning with Genesis 12, walk alongside the fathers of our faith—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph—to discern Jesus in the stories of His people. Over 10 sessions, discover how God orchestrates everything for His glory and the good of His people, and see how the God of creation and covenant is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 
Discover how every story in the Bible points to Christ. Learn to view the lives of biblical figures in the larger context of Scripture. Challenge your basic understanding of familiar stories. Gain knowledge of who God is as He has revealed Himself through Scripture.
Begins January 9 and ends March 20  

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Experiencing God
by Henry & Richard Blackaby and Claude King

13 weeks
Led by Fred Walters & Steve Wilson
Cost: $16
Room: 226

If you desire to know God’s ways and to stick closer to Him, then join this study. For more than 15 years, God has used Experiencing God in His work, showing believers how to know Him intimately while encouraging them to step out in faith and join Him in His work with miraculous results.
The study has been updated with new illustrations and testimonial content that demonstrates how Experiencing God contributed to some truly miraculous results. By understanding how God is working through us even as we try to fathom His ways, we can begin to clearly know Him better. Have you decided to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ this week than you were last week? This study is your opportunity for life transformation.
Begins January 9 and ends April 10

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Revelation Book Study:  Bowls & Trumpets & Judgements, Oh My!
(Part 2 of 3)

7 Weeks
Led by Dr. Bob Nowlin
Cost: Free
Meets in The Chapel

What is “The Tribulation” and will it really be that bad? What is the meaning of those prophecies about bowls and trumpets?  It is crucial for us to understand just what the tribulation will bring and who it will be brought to. In this study we will look at Chapters 4 -16, the judgements and destruction that falls on man and how we need to live now in preparation.
Dr. Bob Nowlin has years of experience in teaching the often complex, unfamiliar language and word pictures of the last book of the Bible and making these scriptures amazingly understandable.  Even more importantly, we will learn that this book of prophecy is not just about end time events, but is crucial to Christian living in our times, right now! This study will lead into the Revelation prophecy study coming in May! Bring your Bible.
Begins January 9 and ends February 20

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When God's People Pray
by Jim Cymbala

7 weeks
Led by Danny Walker & MacKenzie Rock
Cost: Free
Room: 312
You can find common ground with over 100 of the CABC church family who have already felt the full impact of this powerful study on prayer. We won’t ask you to pray out loud or in front of anyone. We won’t ask about your deepest needs and fears.  We will learn how to make a powerful prayer life a part of your daily life.
Whether you were raised in church or not, this study will open doors to talking with God in ways you may never have been aware of.  Discover the power of God to restore hope, ignite faith, work miracles, and change lives—through prayer. Featuring teachings by Jim Cymbala and video interviews of ordinary people who have received extraordinary answers to their prayers; these seven sessions will help you pray with new confidence.
Begins January 9 and ends February 20

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Cradled: Supporting Women and Families in the Loss of Babies

6 Weeks
Led by Tiffany Guy & Dena Quigley
Cost: Free
Room: Fireside Room at theCenter

Cradled is a Support Group for families experiencing the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant loss, or infertility. Maybe you've begun to miscarry, or perhaps an ultrasound has confirmed no heartbeat.  Maybe you were told your baby will not survive, or you experienced tragedy at birth.  We are so sorry.  We hurt for you, and we want you to know there is love, hope and healing for you.
Whether you are in a moment of crisis or years down the road, Cradled offers individual support as well as weekly peer support groups. Someone is here to walk with you so you don't have to navigate this journey alone.  Free childcare is available as well as fun, healthy and educational programs for older children. Email or for more info.
Session One begins January 9 and Session Two begins March 20

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ESL and Computer Skills Class
Spanish Language Class

14 semanas
dirigido por Chela Rosas
Costo: gratis
en la habitación 414A
Esta clase es más que una clase de inglés. Através de una variedad de métodos, los estudiantes aprenden inglés y ciudadanía gratis usando computadores, música, y muchas otras maneras culturales que ayudan con la transición a la vida en los Estados Unidos. En un ambiente de apoyo cristiano, los estudiantes establesan nuevas relaciones con otros y una base sólida con el poder de Cristo. Esta clase es solo disponible por solicitud e invitación.
9 de enero al 10 de abril


Preparing for Missions: The Saints of Zion 
by Travis S. Kerns, PhD

7 weeks
Led by Dylan Manley
Cost: $15 incls. book
Room 200
They come to our doors and knock.  They claim to share the true gospel of Jesus. But what do Mormons really believe, and how can we engage in meaningful and intelligent dialogue with them?  The Saints of Zion will introduce us to Mormon history, theology, and practical ways to be ready for those conversations.  
Columbus Avenue is undertaking a mission; a mission to work with fellow Christians and share the gospel with the people of Salt Lake City.  The home base for the Mormon church, Salt Lake City has less than 2% Christian inhabitants. This is the same Christian impact found in other major cities around the world such as Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and Beijing. We have work to do! If you are going to Utah with us, or just want to know more about our Mormon friends, this class is for you.
Begins January 9 and ends February 20

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4:00 PM Class:
The Power of God's Names

by Tony Evans

7 weeks
Led by Ken James
Cost: Free
Room 226
In biblical times, names communicated a person’s essence-their history, nature, or character.  That’s why God revealed Himself by dozens of different names in Scripture.  No single name could convey the fullness of His character and works.
In this study, pastor Tony Evans examines prominent names of God in Scripture. God’s names invite you to know Him as Creator, Ruler, Provider, Warrior, and more.   We will explore the biblical meanings of the names and related attributes of God.  By understanding His names, you can experience Him more deeply. Study includes a daily bible study focused on knowing God by His names.
Begins January 9 and ends February 20

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5:30 PM Class:
BodyCombat by Les Mills 

13 weeks
Led by trainer Elisabeth Louevanos
Cost: Must be a member of theCenter *(see below)
Class located at theCenter
Spiritual health goes hand in hand with physical health. So here’s your chance to lay some Kung Fu on the devil.  BODYCOMBAT is a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness and burn up to 740 calories in a class. No experience needed. Learn moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu. Release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ. Bring your best fighter attitude and leave inhibitions at the door. 
*Church Members: Free membership to the facility. $20/month add on fee for all group exercise classes.
*Non-church Members: $30/month membership fee, includes facility usage and all group exercise classes.
Begins January 9 and ends April 10

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Estudio Biblico del Pescador: Apologética 1  

7 semanas
dirigido por Paul Aaron Lochamin
Costo: $5
en la habitación 204
Ahora más que nunca es necesario que los creyentes estén listos para presentar argumentos con fundamentos sólidos a un mundo con muchas dudas. La nueva serie de Estudios Bíblicos del Pescador presenta el Estudio Bíblico del Pescador - Apologética I , un valioso recurso que enseña a presentar la Biblia como el infalible punto de referencia para orientarnos a presentar el camino y la verdad.
Apologética I presenta argumentos sólidos en defensa de la sana doctrina cristiana, basados en la certeza de que en las Sagradas Escrituras podemos hallar el auténtico conocimiento de Dios. Se enfoca en demostrar cómo el Gnosticismo, la Nueva Era, los Rosacruces y el Rajneeshismo, son creencias humanas en contra de la Palabra de Dios. Al tomar la Biblia como el infalible punto de referencia para orientarnos y encontrar el camino y la verdad, no estaremos perdidos en el mar de las dudas, incertidumbres, especulaciones y confusiones
9 de enero al 20 de febrero

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Adult Worship Choir

7:00 - 8:30 PM
Choir Room A212


The Worship Choir is the largest group of worship leaders in our church and is open to all youth and adults (age 13 and up).  If you have a passion for worship, we need your heart and your voice in this group!  No prior singing experience is necessary and we have a fun time together each Wednesday night. 
Feel free to come (meeting in the Choir Room A212) as soon as your class is finished - and we provide complimentary childcare until the end of rehearsal.