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Goliath Must Fall
by Louis Giglio

7 Weeks
Led by Danny Walker
Cost $7 (includes study guide)
Room 226

In Goliath Must Fall, Pastor Louie Giglio examines the story of David and Goliath to reveal how we must slay the giants of fear, rejection, complacency, anxiety, anger, and addiction in our lives. This study shows how the key to living free from our giants is not better slingshot accuracy, but keeping our eyes on the one and only giant slayer: Jesus. Put your hope in Him, and watch Goliath fall.  
Begins January 10 and ends February 21    

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He Chose the Nails
by Max Lucado 

6 Weeks
Led by Ralph and Phyllis Strother
Cost: $6 (includes study guide)

Room 313
Easter is coming earlier than usual this year, April 1. He Chose the Nails will help you make the spiritual transition from Christmas giving to the gift of the cross. We will pull out our Bibles and study detailed elements in Christ’s death on the cross and the victory that followed. 
In this Bible study, Max Lucado explores the many gifts that Christ provided to us at His crucifixion. These include not only the gift of the cross, but also the gift of the thorns, the nails, the seamless robe and the empty tomb where He forever defeated sin and death. These were gifts He didn’t have to give. So, as we unwrap these gifts, we need to pause and listen for His voice. As we do, perhaps we will hear him whisper, “I did it just for you.”
Begins January 10 and ends February 21    

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2 Ways to Live
Know and Share Jesus

8 weeks
Led by Pastor Josh
Cost: $6
Room:  313

The message at the heart of Christianity is really quite simple – simple enough to be outlined in a few pages. It is a message from the Bible about God and His Son, Jesus. It is about life and death, and the choice that we all face.   And it all starts with a loving creator God.

Walk with Pastor Josh through this study and realize that you can have a true confidence in what you believe. This confidence will be apparent in your life and conversations. Through this Bible-based study, you will become a more complete disciple of Jesus Christ each week than you were the week before.
Begins January 10 and ends February 28

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Christ Centered Parenting:
Dealing with Today's Cultural Issues

6 Weeks
Led by Steve and Pam Wilson
Cost: $15
Room:  200 - Conference Room

Do you ever feel ill-equipped to talk about the cultural issues of our day? Designed to help you lead your children and teens in a confident and responsible way, this 6-session resource will equip you to address cultural topics which children of all ages, from preschoolers through young adults, face, including: gender issues, suicide, depression, and anxiety, pornography, addiction and coping mechanisms, same-sex marriage, singleness, dating, marriage, and divorce.

Give your kids a Biblical worldview that will produce the next generation of culture shapers—not simply the next generation shaped by their culture.
Begins January 10 and ends February 14 

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Cradled by love, hope & healing

6 weeks
Led by Tiffany Guy & Dena Quigley
Cost: FREE
Cradled is a Support Group for families experiencing the loss of a baby through
miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant loss, or infertility. Maybe you’ve begun to miscarry, or perhaps an ultrasound has confirmed no heartbeat. Maybe you were told your baby will not survive, or you experienced tragedy at birth. We are so sorry. We hurt for you, and we want you to know there is love, hope and healing for you. 

Whether you are in a moment of crisis or years down the road, Cradled offers individual support as well as weekly peer support groups. Someone is here to walk with you so you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Free childcare is available as well as fun, healthy and educational programs for older children.

Email or for more info.
Session 1 begins January 10 and Session 2 begins March 14


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Discerning the Voice of God
by Priscilla Shirer with Tony Evans

7 Weeks
Led by Lisa Brueggeman and Margaret Thomson
Cost: $16 (includes workbook)
Room: 315

Having a hard time knowing what God is saying versus what others are saying?
This Bible study from author and speaker Priscilla Shirer is designed to help you know the voice of God: His language, character, and tone of voice. By growing closer to God through His Word, you will be able to discern God’s voice from the voice of strangers. 

Join a great group of Ladies from Columbus and our Waco community as we discover how to tune in to the voice of the One who loves us most.
Begins January 10 and ends February 21

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ESL and Computer Skills Class
Spanish Language Class

13 semanas
dirigida por Chela Rosas
Costo: gratis
en la habitación 414A
Esta clase es más que una clase de inglés. Através de una variedad de métodos, los estudiantes aprenden inglés y ciudadanía gratis usando computadores, música, y muchas otras maneras culturales que ayudan con la transición a la vida en los Estados Unidos. En un ambiente de apoyo cristiano, los estudiantes establesan nuevas relaciones con otros y una base sólida con el poder de Cristo. Esta clase es solo disponible por solicitud e invitación.
10 de enero al 25 de abril


CREER: Viviendo la historia de la Biblia para ser como Jesús
Estudio Bíblico

8 semanas
dirigido por David Villarreal
Costo: gratis
en la habitación 204
Creer le facilita la oportunidad de aprender, analizar y aplicar lo que van experimentando en este estudio bíblico, a base de explorar diferentes creencias, prácticas y virtudes esenciales que todo cristiano necesita conocer y vivir. El pastor y autor Randy Frazee presenta varias enseñanzas de diez a cince minutos cada una sobre la forma en que las Escrituras nos ayudan a pensar como Jesús, actuar como Él y ser como Él. En cada sesión podrás explorar una pregunta clave, un texto bíblico, un concepto y su aplicación, con el fin de ayudarle a comprender las creencias, prácticas y virtudes esenciales que le ayudarán a convertirse en un seguidor de Jesús totalmente comprometido con Él.
10 de enero al 28 de febrero

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Estudio Bíblico

8 semanas
dirigido por David Villarreal
Costo: gratis
en la habitación 204
Hijo de Dios: La Vida de Jesús en Ti. A través del estudio ‘Son of God,’ las personas recibirán enseñanza práctica sobre la vida de Jesús y su impacto en las vidas individuales y vivir con propósito. La enseñanza de Jesús transforma de adentro hacia afuera y le ayudará a convertirse en un seguidor de Jesús totalmente comprometido con Él.
14 de marzo al 25 de abril

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Session two begins march 14

How Millennials Can Change the World

6 Weeks
Led by Pastor Josh Vaughan
Cost: $10 (includes study guide)
Room 226

The news is bad, times are tough, and an 8-year-old has taken the throne. Judah’s young king, Josiah, inherited tough times from the generations before him, and God worked through him to make sweeping changes for good in his nation. If Josiah were living today, we would call him a millennial. We can learn a lot from his life as we look at: The Reality - The Parallels - The Generations - The Word - The Pillar - The Future .

God can use anyone, regardless of age, to fulfill His purposes. In Josiah’s life as well as our own, God’s Word changes everything. All it takes are willing hearts for Him to bring about a revolution in our communities, our
nation, and our world.
Begins March 14 and ends April 25


A Study of 2 Timothy

Ladies' Study
6 Weeks 
Led by Karen Baldwin
                                                              Cost: $13 (Includes study guide)
                                                              Room 315

Final words can be compelling. In Paul’s final letter, he charged Timothy, his beloved son in the faith, to not be ashamed to fulfill God’s call on his life. In this Bible study, you will be challenged to do the same. We were never meant to take this journey of faith alone or in secret. God has entrusted us with the great and mighty gift of the gospel, something too precious and life-giving to keep to ourselves.

You will be encouraged to guard what God has entrusted to you, further His kingdom by sharing Christ with others, and pour into future generations just as Paul once mentored Timothy.
Begins March 14 and ends April 25

What Happens When You Dare to
Ask God for the Impossible

6 weeks
Led by Danny Walker
Cost: $10 (includes book)
Conference Room 313

Based on the bold battle prayer in Joshua 10, we will discuss Biblical evidence and real-life experiences to discover what happens when ordinary believers move beyond “purpose” to passion---and asking God for the impossible becomes a normal way of life!

Sun Stand Still is an inspirational challenge. Speaking directly to Christians who long to take their faith to the next level, Sun Stand Still seeks to change readers’ lives. What stops Christians from praying sun-stand-still prayers like Joshua of the Bible? You will examine common trials every person faces and for each struggle, we’ll look to the Bible for courageous role models. Including a chapter on prayers God does not answer, we will address the issues that halt Christian growth.

Begins March 14 and ends April 25


by Tim Tebow

4 weeks
Led by Burton Lawless
Cost: $9 (includes study guide)
Room 312
Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl champion Burton Lawless leads this Bible study written by Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow on how to keep our faith and Christian identity when life seems to hammer us with unexpected hardships and disappointments.

Riding the rollercoaster of highs and lows in his NFL journey, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow has learned what it means to be grounded in who you are no matter what life throws your way. In this powerful Bible study, Tebow delivers a Scripture-packed message about what it means to fix your hope and your identity in a God who does not change. We’ll highlight key players and passages from the Bible that will inspire you.
Begins March 14 and ends April 11


Adult Worship Choir

7:00 - 8:30 PM
The Sanctuary Choir is the largest group of worship leaders in our church and is open to all adults (college students through senior adults).  If you have a passion for worship, we need your heart and your voice in this group!  No prior singing experience is necessary and we have a fun time together each Wednesday night.  In addition to leading each Sunday morning, our choir presents special programs throughout the year for Christmas, Holy Week, and worship nights. 
Feel free to come to choir as soon as your class is finished and we provide complimentary childcare until the end of choir rehearsal.

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Religious Liberty
May/June Adult Bible Study

8 Weeks
Led by Pastor Josh Vaughan and Danny Walker
Cost: Free
Fellowship Hall

What if the freedom to practice our faith were taken away? What if we had to decide whether to follow either the rule of our country or our God-given conscience? Religious liberty has protected Christians in America from having to answer these questions, but that may not always be the case.

This study points to the distinct missions of both the church and the state, exposing the historical pitfalls that result when the church and state are joined or when government is openly opposed to religion. Religious liberty is not about promoting a Christian order or retrieving a nostalgic past; it is about promoting a vision of society that protects our conscience and allows the free expression of ideas. The Gospel doesn’t need a state to back it up. Religious liberty is an expression of our confidence in the Gospel.
Begins May 9 and ends June 25