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DISCUSSION STARTER: After meeting others in the group, encourage women to discuss what drew them to the study and the title The Armor of God. What are the expectations as they begin this Bible study? What is their level of commitment?

READ EPHESIANS 6:10-12 and encourage women to listen in as we learn more about this very real enemy. Direct women to complete the Viewer Guide on pages 8-9 as they learn.

WATCH “SIZING UP THE ENEMY” and then discuss key points, Scripture references, or questions that will meet the spiritual needs of your group.

  • How is this teaching similar or different from what you’ve heard about the enemy in the past?
  • What truth jumped out as you reflect on this first teaching session?

EMPHASIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF WRITING PRAYER STRATEGIES THROUGHOUT THIS STUDY. Refer to the prayer strategy guidelines to help those who may be unsure of how to proceed. Point out the perforated prayer cards in the back of the book and remind them to write on them, tear them out, and post them in creative places.


DISCUSSION STARTER: Review what women learned as they studied “Sizing Up The Enemy” in week 1. Encourage them to share their Actionable Intel and most important insights from each day.

  • How is God stirring the need for a daily prayer strategy in your life after your study this week?
  • What’s your tendency? Do you personally overestimate or underestimate the enemy’s influence in the circumstances of your life? What effect does this inclination have in your life? (See page 17 of your homework.)

READ EPHESIANS 6:13-14 and challenge women to think about what it means to stand firm wearing a belt of truth as they watch the DVD teaching. Remind them to follow along using the Viewer Guide on pages 38-39.

WATCH “THE BELT OF TRUTH” and discuss the following bullet points as needed.

  • What challenges you most when you think about basing everything against the standard of God’s Word, the Bible?
  • How might your life be different if you strengthen your spiritual core? What is it going to take to make the commitment to spiritual strength training for your core?


DISCUSSION STARTER: Review what women learned as they studied “The Belt of Truth” in week 2.

Review page 45 in your homework and if you’re a mom, grandmother, or spiritual mom to someone, what are some practical ways you can teach your children or others to have an unwavering and unapologetic allegiance to the truth of God’s Word in today’s culture?
Discuss how the belt of truth serves as the “hanger” for other pieces of the armor. (See pages 52-55 in your homework.)
How is aligning yourself with truth different from legalism? Why does legalism confine, yet truth sets you free? (Review how you answered on page 56 in your homework.)
How is your prayer strategy going? Where are you posting your prayers? Is this location working for you?
READ EPHESIANS 6:14 and encourage women to discover how the breastplate of righteousness protects as they complete the Viewer Guide on pages 66-67.

WATCH “THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS” and discuss what women learn from the teaching.

The words righteousness and sanctification are sometimes challenging to understand and define. How would you explain these words and their meaning to a new believer in Christ or someone who does not have any church background?
Like the breastplate on the armor protects the physical body, how does the spiritual piece of armor, the breastplate of righteousness, protect the believer?
Encourage your group about their prayer strategies. Remind them that being intentional about this will activate their spiritual armor. Make yourself available to those who may have questions about their strategies.


DISCUSSION STARTER: Review what women learned as they studied “The Breastplate of Righteousness” in week 3. Reflect on “The Many Faces of Righteousness” on day 2. Share with your group something new you learned or were challenged by. Review the activity and Scripture passages on page 83 related to putting on specific virtues and their spiritual benefits. Which was most encouraging to you personally?

READ EPHESIANS 6:14-15 emphasizing the shoes of peace that make your feet ready and prepared. Remind women to utilize the Viewer Guide on pages 92-93 and fill in their answers.

WATCH “THE SHOES OF PEACE” and review the emphasis on peace connected with this piece of the armor of God.

Most women love shoes! Describe the purpose and function of various shoes. Why do you think Paul attached shoes to the characteristic of peace?
What element of peace stood out to you as you listened and learned from the teaching and why?
How have you experienced the peace of God in your life and how do you explain it to someone?


DISCUSSION STARTER: Review what women learned between group sessions as they studied “The Shoes of Peace” in week 4. What was their most impactful Actionable Intel from this week?

Ask group members to look at page 97 in their Bible study book. What did they list on this page during the week as they detected disharmony, unrest, or an overarching lack of peace in these areas? How have you seen the enemy’s handiwork in these experiences?
What are some areas of your life where you need to be on the offensive instead of the defensive, taking back ground from the enemy? What would this process look like in a practical sense? (See your answers from your homework on page 115.)
READ EPHESIANS 6:16 and remind women of the enemy’s attacks upon our faith and how we need to be prepared to defend ourselves. Have them complete the Viewer Guide on page 123 as they listen and learn.

WATCH “THE SHIELD OF FAITH” and note the specifics about faith in the teaching.

How is the truth of our faith reflected in our actions and attitudes?
What have been the greatest challenges to your faith? When have you seemed to be strongest in your faith?
Encourage your group members to stay faithful in writing down their prayer strategies. If they have run out of the perforated cards in the back of this book, encourage them to use their own paper to continue this important habit.


DISCUSSION STARTER: Review what women learned as they studied “The Shield of Faith” in week 5. Review Ephesians 6:16 and your answers to the question on page 132. Why do you think Paul may have gone to greater lengths to accentuate the benefits of this piece of armor?

Discuss the turtle formation on page 134. What does this say about how we should concern ourselves with building up the faith of others? And, how should active faith strengthen the broader community of Christ?
What concepts illustrate how faith actually says more about the integrity of the object of faith rather than the strength of the one offering it? (See page 139 of your homework.)
READ EPHESIANS 6:14-17 to review the armor of God we are to put on. Hone in on the helmet of salvation by completing the Viewer Guide on pages 150-151.

WATCH “THE HELMET OF SALVATION” while identifying the importance of our minds and our salvation.

How often do you recall your salvation and the transformation Jesus brought to your life? What is Jesus currently doing in your life and how does your relationship with Him impact you daily?
What are some ways to describe the truth of salvation and the helmet of salvation with other women?


DISCUSSION STARTER: Review what women learned as they studied “The Helmet of Salvation” in week 6.

What are you learning as you record your Actionable Intel each day in your homework?
What does applying salvation to your daily life actually look like? What practical benefits do you see filtering into your experience? (See page 155 of your homework.)
READ EPHESIANS 6:10-20 and challenge women to think of this group session as the start of a new study as they consider the sword of the Spirit and complete their Viewer Guide on pages 180-181 in this closing session.

WATCH “THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT” and evaluate next steps to take towards standing firm in the full armor of God and continuing as a strategic, intentional woman of prayer.

How will you continue your prayer strategies and spend time in the Word of God?
Review “My Inheritance and Identity in Christ” and discuss how the truth of God’s Word has changed you and is still changing you to become all that He desires for you.
Continue to write down prayer strategies as a habit for your life even after this study is over.