Sunday Morning Bible Groups


Avenue Young Adults 
Directors: Sheldon
Teachers: Sheldon

Young Adults in their 20’s, beginning a journey together. Finding fellowship, meaning and worship together on Sunday morning and in weekly small groups.
Location: 406

Young Adult Couples 
Directors: Alford 
Teachers: Webster & Rister 

Couples in their 20's, beginning their adventure together. Close, friendly and Christ-centered small groups during the week as well as Sunday morning big group time.
Location: 122

New Families
Directors: Alford
Teachers: Webster & Rister

Couples and new parents, 20's and 30's, with babies and preschoolers, starting Christ-centered families on Christ-centered foundations. Meets in small groups during the week also.
Location: 122



Young Families
Directors: Crumptons & Hansens
Teachers: McAfee 

Married couples, 20's and 30's, with babies and preschoolers, building Christ-centered families on Christ-centered foundations. 
Location: 104

S.A.L.T. — Serving And Loving Together
Directors: Crownovers
Teachers: Godfreys  

Couples in their 30's and 40's with little ones through grade school children. Active together in strong Bible study and community missions. 
Location: 116

Cross Trainers
Directors: Willis & Cherry
Teachers: Matthews & Cherry  

Couples with kids, 30's and 40's, training to let the cross of Christ be the center of life and family. Bible study with much discussion. 
Location: 106

Joshua and the Bravehearts 
Directors/Teachers: Gammon & Hartland

Couples and singles, mid 40's-50's, empty nesters or with older kids journeying through life boldly and courageously.   
Location: 120

Bridging the Gap
Directors/Teachers: Trimbles  
Adults 30's-70's with older kids, blended families, and raising grandkids, experiencing Christ's power together as they lead on. 
Location: 303

Seekers Class
Directors: Dunlaps 
Teachers: Waymans and Johnson  
Couples, 50's-60's with grown kids, seeking God and enjoying life together, and with grandkids. 
Location: 308

Encouragers Class
Director/Teacher: Broaddus  
Ladies in all stages of life joining together for in-depth Bible study and encouraging fellowship. 
Location:  402

Journey Class
Director: Walters
Teachers: Walters, Miller, & Raley  

Adults 40's-60's, some empty nesters and others with senior high and college kids, enjoying the journey with Christ and with each other. 
Location: 118

Logos Men's Class
Directors: Burleson   
eacher: Huey  
Men's class, ages 55 and up, working and retired, studying the Bible and serving across the church. 
Location: 315-A

Sparrows Class
Directors: Burleson
Teachers: Shoemake, Sexton & Maddux 

Ladies class, ages 55 and up, working and retired, who actively show their love through serving and in missions. 
Location: 315-B

Band of Brothers Men's Class
Teachers: Benesh, Crawford, Hassell, Hull, Istre and Potts  
Men's class, 60's or thereabouts, accepting all as they are, sharing Bible study and life together. 
Location: 315-C

Sanctuary Class
Director: Chapin     
Teacher: James   

Adults in their 40's-80's who enjoy deep, meaningful Bible study in a lecture style. 
Location: Chapel, Room 217

Boundless Love 
Director: Dodson
Teacher: Luiken  

Couples ages 60's and up, mostly retired, who love great Bible study and fellowship and fun times together. 
Location: 306

Director: Dodson
Teacher: Baker  

This co-ed group of 60 somethings are opening windows to God's Word, enjoying interactive Bible study and an active fellowship. 
Location: 226-E

The Lamb Ladies' Class
Director: Dodson
Teachers: Lamb & Dodson

Ladies class 60's-80's in the Word with love and care for one another. 
Location: 226-F

Faith Class
Director: Dodson
Teacher: Davis 

Ladies class 60's and up, with a blend of married, widowed and singles, deep in the Word and in ministry to others. 
Location: 313

Barnabas & Eli Men's Class
Director: Dodson
Teachers: Bargainer & Hardcastle

Men's class, 60's-80's, deep in the Word with solid Bible study, experience and Christian living. 
Location: 226-D

Wilson Businessmen's Bible Class
Directors: Grusendorf & Bird
Teacher: White  

Men of all ages coming together to study the Word, share life and leadership in the community.   
Location: 100-B

Mixson Ladies Class
Directors: Read & Karaffa
Teacher: White  

Ladies class 70's-90's actively teaching, learning and sharing family and life experiences together.
Location: 100-A

Gideon Class
Director: Dodson
Teacher: Rummage  

Couples, 60's-80's, deep in the Word, solid in prayer with experience from around the world.
Location: 226-C



Deaf Class
Director: Granberry
Adults of all ages, studying the Word through American Sign Language.
Location: 202/204

Adult Internationals
Directors: Collier
Teachers: Merritt  

Adults of all ages from all over the world, finding Christ in the Word of God together. 
Location: 300

Spanish Language Men's & Women's Class
Director:  Longoria & Villarreal
Teachers:  Saucedo, Loachamin, Sosa

Spanish language Bible study for all ages who are wanting to discover, share and make God's Word an important part of their lives. Studying and growing together!
Location: 310-D


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