Sunday Morning Bible Groups


Community Young Professionals & The Verge
Teachers: Alan & Nikki Rhea and Joe & Diane Yelderman
Adult singles, some graduate and seminary students, kid-free and navigating careers and lives with a Christian mindset.
Location: 411



Nearly & Newly Married
Teachers: David & Laura Alford  
Young couples beginning their adventure together. Close, friendly and Christ-centered. 
Location: 111

Young Marrieds
Directors: Clayton & Yoshiko Hall
Teachers: Truett & Julie Webster and Mark & Sheri Rister  

Couples, 20s - 30s, some with kids, but focused on doing life together and making an impact. 
Location: 111

Young Families
Directors: Trey & Ashley Crumpton and Seth & Chelsi Hansen
Teachers: Nathianial & Elizabeth Bristow and Charles & Dawn Derrick 

Married couples, 20s and 30s, with babies and preschoolers, building Christ-centered families on Christ-centered foundations. 
Location: 111

S.A.L.T. — Serving And Loving Together
Directors: Joe & Jennifer Crownover
Teachers: Michael & Susan Godfrey  

Couples in their 30s and 40s with little ones through grade school children. Active together in strong Bible study and community missions. 
Location: 111A

Family Life
Directors: Brad & Kendra Wilson
Teachers: Brad Wilson and Jered Johnston

Couples, mid 30s-mid 40s, focused on community and raising solid, Christian families through Sunday Bible study, community group relationships, and serving together. 
Location: 304

Cross Trainers
Directors: Bryan & Adriane Willis and Brice & Janet Cherry
Teachers: Lorin Matthews and Brice & Janet Cherry  

Couples with kids, 30s and 40s, training to let the cross of Christ be the center of life and family. Bible study with much discussion. 
Location: 310-A

Joshua and the Bravehearts 
Directors/Teachers: Ben Gammon and Bob & Kathy Hartland

Couples and singles, mid 40s-50s, empty nesters or with older kids journeying through life boldly and courageously.   
Location: 111-C

Bridging the Gap
Directors/Teachers: Andy & Kathy Trimble  
Adults 30s - 70s with older kids, blended families, and raising grandkids, experiencing Christ's power together as they lead on. 
Location: 303

Seekers Class
Directors: Larry & Jean Wayman   
Teachers: Larry & Jean Wayman and Fred Johnson  
Couples, 50s-60s with grown kids, seeking God and enjoying life together, and with grandkids. 
Location: 308

Encouragers Class
Director/Teacher: Anne Broaddus  
Ladies in all stages of life joining together for in-depth Bible study and encouraging fellowship. 
Location: The Parlor

Journey Class
Director: Joy Walters
Teachers: Fred & Joy Walters, Tracy Miller, and Steve & Trish Raley  

Adults 40s-60s, some empty nesters and others with senior high and college kids, enjoying the journey with Christ and with each other. 
Location: 226

Logos Men's Class
Directors: John & Debra Burleson   
eacher: Jim Huey  
Men's class, ages 55 and up, working and retired, studying the Bible and serving across the church. 
Location: 315-A

Sparrows Class
Directors: John & Debra Burleson
Teachers: Brenda Shoemake, Sharon Sexton & Andrea Maddux 

Ladies class, ages 55 and up, working and retired, who actively show their love through serving and in missions. 
Location: 315-B

Band of Brothers Men's Class
Teachers: Greg Benesh, Phillip Crawford, Dana Hassell, Larry Hull, Felix Istre and Franklin Potts  
Men's class, 60s or thereabouts, accepting all as they are, sharing Bible study and life together. 
Location: 315-C

Sanctuary Class
Director: Janet Chapin     
Teacher: Ken James   

Adults in their 40s-80s who enjoy deep, meaningful Bible study in a lecture style. 
Location: Chapel, Room 217

Boundless Love 
Director: Carolyn Dodson
Teacher: Bob Luiken  

Couples ages 60s and up, mostly retired, who love great Bible study and fellowship and fun times together. 
Location: 306

Director: Carolyn Dodson
Teacher: Gene Baker  

This co-ed group of 60 somethings are opening windows to God's Word, enjoying interactive Bible study and an active fellowship. 
Location: 312-E

The Lamb Ladies' Class
Director: Carolyn Dodson
Teachers: Susan Lamb and Carolyn Dodson

Ladies class 60s-80s in the Word with love and care for one another. 
Location: 312-B

Faith Class
Director: Carolyn Dodson
Teacher: Mary Healy  

Ladies class ages 60s and up with a blend of married, widowed and singles, deep in the Word and in ministry to others. 
Location: 313

Barnabas & Eli Men's Class
Director: Carolyn Dodson
Teachers: Jim Bargainer and Don Hardcastle

Men's class, 60s-80s, deep in the Word with solid Bible study, experience and Christian living. 
Location: 312-D

Wilson Businessmen's Bible Class
Directors: Tommy Grusendorf and George Bird
Teacher: Greg White  

Men of all ages coming together to study the Word, share life and leadership in the community.   
Location: 202

Mixson Ladies Class
Directors: Millie Read and Ann Karaffa
Teacher: Ellen White  

Ladies class 70s-90s actively teaching, learning and sharing family and life experiences together.
Location: 200 - Conference Room

Friendship Class
Director: Bob Runyan
Teacher: Jane Strickland

Co-ed adults class, ages 70s-90s, with a focus on a journey of discipleship with Christ, in and out of the church building. 

Location: Chapel (Joining with Sanctuary Class)

Agape Class
Director: Carolyn Dodson
Teachers: Eleanor Davis and Dorothy McNiel  

Ladies class 75 and up, caring, praying and knowing God together. 
Location: 312-C

Gideon Class
Director: Carolyn Dodson
Teacher: Ralph Rummage  

Couples, 60s-80s, deep in the Word, solid in prayer with experience from around the world.
Location: 312-F



Deaf Class
Director: Rob Granberry
Teacher: Jonathan Hoglind

Adults of all ages, studying the Word through American Sign Language.
Location: 310C

Adult Internationals
Directors: Tommy & Cynthia Collier
Teachers: Jack & Phyllis Merritt  

Adults of all ages from all over the world, finding Christ in the Word of God together. 
Location: 300

Spanish Language Men's Class
Director: David Villarreal/Enedina Longoria
Teachers: David Villarreal, Jose Saucedo, Rosas Calero and Enedina Longoria

Spanish language Bible study for all ages who are wanting to discover, share and make God's Word an important part of their lives. Studying and growing together!
Location: 310-D


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