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Helpful Books


  52 Creative Family Time Experiences:  Fun Ways  to Bring Faith Home
By:  Timothy Smith

Starting Family Traditions to Bring Faith Home

  Faith Begins At Home:  The Family Makeover With Christ at the Center
By:  Mark Holman

Learn to Establish Home as the Primary Place Where Faith is Nurtured

  Impress Faith On Your Kids
By:  Mark Holmes

Practical Tools for Parents to Use in Sharing Faith with Their Children

  Joining Children on the Spiritual Journey
By Catherine Stonehouse

Nurturing a Life of Faith

  Parenting in the Pew
By:  Robbie Castleman

Guiding your children in the joy of worship 

  Sticky Faith:  Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids
By:  Kara E. Powell, Chap Clark

Empowers Adults to Develop Robust and Long-term Faith in Kids

  Take it Home
By:  Mark Holman and Dave Teixeria

Helps Parents Transform the Spiritual Formation of Their Children

  When Can I?
By:  Dr. Thomas Sanders

Questions Children Ask in Their First Steps Toward Faith

  You Can't Make Me (But I can Be Persuaded)
By:  Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

A Resource for Parents of Strong-Willed Children

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