COLLIDE - WHAT IS IT?  COLLIDE is our main time of worship, celebration, and community for our youth.  Each Sunday morning we will worship through music, the Bible, and teaching from Dylan and our awesome leadership team. If you're looking to have a blast while experiencing the greatness of God, this is for you!

Sunday Mornings, 9:45 A.M., 4th Floor of the main church building

We begin in Room 417 all together and then split into separate classes.

Middle School (7th & 8th Grades)

Location: 411 (Girls) & 413 (Boys)

Directors: Jeff & Dorie Linnstaedter

Teacher: Andrew Bowles, Vincent & Kristi Freemyer, Brittney Hood and Benjie Polnick


High School 


9th Grade

Location: 412

Teachers: Chris & Staci Istre and John Robbins

10th Grade

Locations: 416 

Director: Susan Price

Teacher: Chance Connell and Brian & Susan Price 

11th Grade

Location: 420

Directors: Paul & Laurel Churchman

Teacher: Chuck & LeighAnn Virnau and Robert & Shelley White

12th Grade

Location: 422 

Teachers: Leslie Oglesby and Taylor Starr