1. What is “Columbus Together”?

  • 5 Sundays of one English venue followed by a new Sunday schedule (TBA).
  • This is an opportunity to welcome Michael Slaughter, our new Associate Pastor for Worship, so we all can get to know him and he can get to know all of us.
  • It is also an opportunity for band-led worship folks to introduce sanctuary folks to modern worship elements from the band-led venue, and for choir-led worship folks to introduce college students to our broader family of faith and legacy musical resources. 
  • This allows us ample space to continue to grow so that more folks can experience the presence of God with us. 
  • We can build a stronger Columbus together.

2. When does “Columbus Together” begin?

  • September 16, 2018

3. What happens after “Columbus Together”? 

  • We will begin a new Sunday schedule called “Columbus@Worship” that will best utilize our resources going forward and relieve the tensions currently experienced in our simultaneous worship schedule. Some of these “tensions” are as follows:
    • Pastor Josh preaching back to back in two venues. 
    • Sermons being cut off at the end of the broadcast.
    • Space for the continued growth experienced in the Fellowship Hall service.