Church Conference AGENDA
for March 15, 20209


       1. Membership Additions 
       2. Finance Report 
       3. Columbus 365 Advance the Vision” 
       4. Who’s Your One? Easter Outreach 
       5. Pastor’s comments 
       6. “Thank you to God”

The Columbus365 Building Committee and Columbus365 Fundraising chair, the Finance Committee, the Deacon Fellowship, and the ministry staff, including Pastor Josh, recommend the following:
  1. Authorize the Finance Committee to secure a construction loan not to exceed $1.5 million,
  2. Authorize the Columbus365 Building Committee to utilize the construction loan to complete the necessary HVAC replacements, remove the remaining asbestos, and update the carpet and paint in the affected areas of the main building, and
  3. Authorize the Columbus365 Funding Team to raise the necessary funds to payoff the construction loan as soon as possible, with the goal of complete payment by May 2022.

       7. Video and Prayer Time
       8. Closing