all church Conference AGENDA
 November 20, 2022•5:15 PM

This month's Conference will be in the Chapel


  1. Motion to Accept Listed Individuals as Members (Scott Rogers): Greg Coverston, Debra Coverston, Lindsey Baucom, Alecia Garcia, Michael Dean Hodde, Drew Howard, Hampton Miles, Heaton Miles, Lilly Stevens, Emersyn Truax, Gary Thelin, Clint Ross, Lisa Ross, Noah Olivarez, 

  2. Financial Report (Ray Rucksdashel)

  3. Motion by Finance Committee to have the church staff proceed with securing a Line of Credit with the First National Bank of Central Texas in the name of the Columbus Avenue Baptist Church in the amount of Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000.00) at the Fixed Interest rate of 5.75% for a one year term that is renewable for two consecutive one year terms. Said Line of Credit will be signed by the Executive Pastor and the Finance Committee Chairman. Any drawdown on said Line of Credit in excess of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) will be made only after church approval at a church conference called in accordance with the By-Laws set for the church.

  4. Ad Hoc Committee Report (David Alford)

  5. Building & Grounds Committee Report (Danny Walker)

  6. Motion by Personnel Committee, Minister to Youth Search Committee, and Pastor Josh to affirm the calling of Stephen Harwell as Minister to Youth.

  7. Pastor’s comments (Josh)

  8. Motion to Adjourn

The conference will be livestreamed; however, voting will only take place in person. Childcare is available by appointment: please contact Michelle Witt at if you require childcare during this event.



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