Weekly Devotional:  

"Let the word of Christ dwell richly among you, in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another through psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts." (Colossians 3:16)

Let the word of Christ dwell richly (logos Christos plousiōs enoikeō). The Greek for "dwell richly" is defined as something that is so abundantly influencing one's life that there is no power against it. In other words, it overtakes everything about us; our mind, our heart, our soul, how we act, and how we react. How does one get to that point? The easiest and most overlooked way is the one thing I was terrible at when I was in RA's; scripture memorization.
For me, memorizing scripture seemed like a legalistic task that had no residual benefits for me. It wasn't until a good friend of mine preached a sermon about the foundation of God's word and every piece of scripture he spoke was from memory; from his heart. He never looked at his notes or his bible to recall God's word. I was astounded and challenged at the same time. "There is a man that adores the Word of God," I thought.
Yes, we might know John 11:35, "Jesus wept," and John 3:16 and others, but how much of God's word dwell richly in us, in me!? What if we saw the need for scripture memorization more as a tool for spiritual growth instead of a way to impress our friends? I am preaching to myself here. I need more of God's word in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul, the truest form of what they need.
Don't just take it from me: 
“I know of no other single practice in the Christian life more rewarding, practically speaking than memorizing Scripture…No other single exercise pays greater spiritual dividends! Your prayer life will be strengthened. Your witnessing will be sharper and much more effective. Your attitudes and outlook will begin to change. Your mind will become alert and observant. Your confidence and assurance will be enhanced. Your faith will be solidified.” Chuck Swindoll 
I want the Word of Christ to dwell richly in me. In fact, I challenge you to join me. Take 10-minutes a day and memorize one verse each week. I pray by this time next year, Columbus Avenue will be filled with faithful servants richly filled with the Word of God!
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