Weekly Devotional

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. I have sworn and I will confirm it, that I will keep Your righteous ordinances.” Psalm 119:105, 106

It happened again early this morning at 2AM. “Daddy, I’m afraid, can you be with me”, my son yelled out from across the house instead of coming to our bed. I completely understand my son’s fear of the dark. Have you ever stopped to wonder why we are afraid of the dark. Without the light, we cannot see where to go. Danger and uncertainty lurk in the darkness. We feel exposed and unprotected.
In ancient times, the only lights were small oil lamps that were no bigger than your palm with a single wick. They provided just enough light to illuminate a small area around you. That’s how it is with God. He calls us to trust Him, even in the dark, stepping forward though we cannot see the rest of the path. He calls us to fix our eyes on Him and the single steps He shows us to take.
Are you surrounded by darkness and unsure where to step next? Are you following the Word of God and allowing Him to lead and direct you? Are you staying where you are, afraid to trust God and step out into the darkness? Or, are you trying to light your own lamp and make your own path?
While we might all love a big floodlight, God shows us just enough to step assuredly, but requiring us to trust him completely with the rest of the path. Will you commit to His Word and trust Him today?


“Lord, thank you for your guiding Word. Show me the way in the darkness, lighting the path you have chosen for me. When I’m uncertain and afraid, fill me with your assurance, reminding me you are by my side. Help me to trust in you knowing you will lead me through the darkness and into your light. I will fix my eyes on you and the path you have marked, allowing the path of the world to fade away. Amen.”


David Villarreall, Minister of Missions and Spanish Language Minister