Weekly Devotional

Acts 8:26-40 (CSB). Philip was sent to Samaria to preach the gospel. He was faithful to his task and mission. He was focused on the city of Samaria intent on proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to all who would hear. However, an angel of the Lord told Philip to travel away from his target to a desert place south of his location. There he met an Ethiopian Eunuch. After teaching his eunuch about the prophets of scripture pointing to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, Philip was able to baptize that man right then and there. 

Philip could have resisted the pull of the Spirit that lead him to the eunuch as he was very successful in Samaria. Many people were being baptized and coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Yet, he didn’t resist. He followed the direction of God towards a single man. 

I sometimes get too caught up in the big picture of organizational strategy, ministry philosophy, culture change, etc. to see the single person that the Lord is directing me towards. I can miss the small moments of ministry that can make a deep impact in another’s life.  

Here’s the challenge: don’t get caught up in the speed, success, and strategy of life that you miss the small moments of ministry that have profound ramifications in an individual’s life. Who is your Eunuch? 


Author: Trey Etter, Minister to College Students

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