You've Been Egged
April 10-17, 2022

Bring the Easter message to your friends and neighbors this year! For so many people, eggs are a big part of their Easter traditions. Whether it's dying them bright colors, hunting for them around your house, or sharing them filled with treats with friends and family. This year, we would like to help you create some Easter fun with your family by "egging" a friend or neighbor's house! But it's not the egging you're thinking of...

We know there are families in your neighborhood, or friends from your kids' schools that you might like to invite to church on Sunday. So, we've created You've Been Egged kits for you to use!

There are instruction inside the kits you'll pick up on Sunday - but here's the inside scoop:

  1. Choose a family or an individual that you'd like to invite to Easter Sunday at Columbus. 
    (This is a great way for your kids to invite friends to church, too!)
  2. Write your name on the invitation card inside the bag. (Be sure to put it back in the bag when you are done.)
  3. Have fun with it! Plan to go together to the friend's house and hang the bag of eggs on the door.
  4. Check back with them later. Make sure they found the bag with the eggs. Invite them to join you for worship on Easter Sunday.

Super fun, right? Don't forget to pick up your You've Been Egged kit at church begining April 10.