Columbus Avenue Endowment

What is the Endowment Fund? 

The Columbus Avenue Endowment Fund was established in 2018 to provide a permanent, perpetual source of funds to strengthen the mission and ministry of God’s work through our church fellowship.

What is the current valuation of the Endowment Fund?

As of March 31, 2022, the current valuation of the Endowment Fund is approximately $941,945.  For more details, call the church office.

Who will decide how the distributions will be used?

Each year, the Finance Committee will evaluate requests, determine how the distributions will be used, and communicate that decision to the church.

When will the funds be distributed?

The average invested portfolio value shall equal the average of the twelve quarterly invested portfolio valuations ending with the immediately
8 preceding March 31 valuation. No distributions will be made if the average invested portfolio value of the Endowment Fund is less than $500,000.

How are the funds invested and managed?

The Finance Committee is authorized to retain one or more Investment Managers to provide investment expertise to the Finance Committee on asset allocation and portfolio strategies consistent with the prudent management of investments, preservation of principal, potential for long-term asset growth and socially responsible investment practices. All assets are invested on a total return basis. The Endowment Fund assets may be invested in publicly traded common and preferred stocks, convertible bonds and preferred stocks, bank common funds, mutual funds and fixed income securities including corporate bonds and money market instruments, whether interest-bearing or discount instruments.

Who is currently the Investment Manager of the Endowment Fund?

HighGround Advisors is our current Investment Manager.  For more information, go to or 800-747-5564.

How can contributions be made to the Columbus Avenue Endowment Fund?

  • You may make giving to the Endowment Fund a part of your giving for gifts in excess of tithes given in support of the church budget.

  • Named memorial funds may be established as permanent remembrances of friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

  • If you have no Will, you may include Columbus Avenue Baptist Church as a beneficiary when you complete this vital planning process. If you need assistance in obtaining professional estate planning advice, you may contact the church office, who can assist in making estate planning professionals available to you.

  • If you already have a Will and wish to add a bequest to Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, you may ask your attorney to prepare a Codicil to your Will.

  • If you have a Revocable Living Trust Agreement, your attorney can prepare an Amendment to the Trust Agreement which may provide for a gift to Columbus Avenue Baptist Church.

  • Your insurance agent can prepare the proper designation form to allow you to modify the designation of beneficiaries to include Columbus Avenue Baptist Church as a beneficiary.

  • Instead of sending flowers as a memorial gift at a time of a funeral, you may make a gift to the Endowment Fund.

  • You may wish to make a lifetime gift of appreciated property (real estate, etc.) rather than making a cash contribution.

  • If your estate plan uses a Charitable Remainder or Charitable Lead Trust, the Columbus Avenue Endowment Fund could be the tax-qualifying charity named in your trust.

In considering any substantial gift during your lifetime or through your estate, we strongly encourage you to discuss the details with your tax advisor or estate attorney. Proper planning may make a substantial difference in estate or income taxes if done according to IRS rules. If you will let us know you are contemplating such a gift, we will be pleased to answer any question and be of assistance in a manner that is confidential and convenient to you.