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Background and Purpose

Beginning in the year 2014, the Long Range Planning Committee engaged in a church-wide “listening” process.  Our goal was to hear the voices of church members as they shared their gratitude for things past and present, their concerns for things present and future, and their vision for things to come.  From the data gathered during this 3-year listening process, which also included staff interviews and was grounded in much prayer, this committee submits the following Long Range Plan for Columbus Avenue.   
We believe this Plan reflects the Mission of our church along with our Strategic Priorities – evangelism, relationships, excellence, equipping the saints, communication and families.
The Plan outlines six calls for the future work of our church.  We pray that staff and committee leaders will respond to these calls and will, with God’s help, effectively lead the Church Body toward the fulfillment of this overall vision of COLUMBUS 2025.

The Recommendation

In accordance with the Recommendation from the Facilities 2025 Action Team adopted by the Church on October 9, 2016:
  • The Facilities 2025 Building Committee has identified and designated Phase I of the Facilities 2025 Master Plan that includes the following components, at a projectd cost of $3,600,000:
    • Replacement of System 1 of the HVAC system in the main campus, with building automation interface and renovation;
    • Roof repairs on the main campus buildings with replacement of downspouts and collector heads;
    • Replacement of windows on the main buildings along the alley of 13th street; 
    • Renovation of both floors of the Children's Building;
    • Renovation of the first floor of theCENTER,  and replacement of furniture, fixtures and equipment; and
    • Preparation of future pre-construction studies.
  • The Facilities 2025 Funding Committee has developed a funding plan for Phase I of the Master Plan, which includes a church-wide capital campaign using the services of Injoy Stewardship Solutions, followed by acquisition of a line of credit facility with a financial institution in an amout equal to the full cost of Phase I to fund the construction on at least an interim basis.
The Facilities 2025 Building Committee and the Facilities 2025 Funding Committee jointly and unanimously recommend that the Church:
  1. Adopt Phase I of the 2025 Master Plan set forth above and authorize the 2025 Building Committee to proceed with construction as soon as practical.
  2. Authorize the 2025 Funding Committee to proceed with a capital campaign, using the services of Injoy Stewardship Solutions, as soon as practical.
  3. Authorize the 2025 Funding Committee, the Finance Committee, and duly authorized church reprepsentatives, to negotiate and procure a line of credit facility at a financial institution in the amount of $3,600,000 to finance the construction of Phase I.

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