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Funding Q&A

  1. You are proposing a $3.6M project.  What do we do if we only pledge $2M or $2.5M?
    The items identified in Phase I are essential to the stewardship of our physical plant. The maintenance and investment has been neglected to the point where action is imperative for the health and safety of our guests and members. If we fall short, we would assess accepting the remaining indebtedness to improve our facilities.
  2. I just finished Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey said we should only go in debt if it is an absolute necessity.  Is this project an absolute necessity?
    For those who toured our facilities in advance of our Facilities 2025 recommendation were able to see, first-hand, the imperative needs for infrastructure repairs, Children’s Building repairs, and improvements at The Center. It is our recommendation that these Phase I investments are necessary.
  3. What if we pledge $3.6M but only end up collecting $2.5M.  What will we do?
    Like the question above, the items identified in Phase I are essential to the stewardship of our physical plant. The maintenance and investment has been neglected to the point where action is imperative for the health and safety of our guests and members. If we fall short, we would accept the remaining indebtedness to restore our facilities to a higher standard of excellence.
  4. Can our budget… which we are not meeting… support paying interest on any debt that we incur?
    The staff, Finance and Funding Committees are aware and share your concern. In planning for the 2017-18 budget, a line item for facilities investment and debt retirement are proposed for inclusion moving forward. The congregation will have opportunity to review and vote on the proposed budget in August.  
  5. We just got out of debt a few years ago… is it wise to go right back into debt?
    We celebrate the vision of Hulitt Gloer to lead our church eliminate our debt in 2013. The years since have enabled us to increase our reserves and develop financial strength that we’ve not enjoyed for many years. Indebtedness is not our objective. We are excited about the fulfillment of Vision 2025 as expressed through the Facilities 2025 plan. To reach the congregation and community, and to fulfill our mission, we need to invest in our facilities. With everyone’s commitment, we can accomplish this vision without long-term indebtedness.
  6. Are we going to start construction even before we have collected all of the pledges?
    The committee’s recommendation is for a 3-year, capital fundraising campaign. There will be an initial call for current members to pledge and begin giving toward this program; however, future members will also be invited to join the campaign. By the time the campaign is drawing to a close, we hope to have more than $3.6M given in support of the Facilities 2025 vision.
  7. Why don’t we just wait until we have collected the necessary money and then do the project then?
    There are multiple approaches to project management. A pay-as-you go approach, while protecting against debt, substantially increases construction costs due to multiple mobilization/demobilization of crews and equipment. It also significantly increases the time required to complete necessary updates.
  8. Would a bank be willing to take the risk of loaning CABC millions of dollars?
    Absolutely. The value of our church plant and associated real estate, the value of our on-hand accounts, and the anticipated pledges from a 3-year capital campaign create a strong financial partner for lending institutions. Furthermore, there is added incentive (particular to local banks) to be seen as investors in the local community, especially with the downtown redevelopment. In early conversations, we believe that lending institution interest will be very favorable for Columbus Avenue.
  9. Why haven’t we been saving money to handle these infrastructure needs all along?
    Until Vision 2025, we have primarily been tactically focused – attending to immediate needs (fix as we go) rather than making strategic investments. Facilities 2025 creates a 10-year plan to make needed infrastructure repairs, Children’s Building health and security updates, and improvements at The Center.
  10. Why these projects in this order and not the Welcome Center (or playground) first?
    The Construction Committee evaluated many combinations of projects, and through the input of our architect and construction manager, we believe that this is the most efficient and financially appropriate schedule, while also satisfying immediate infrastructure needs.
  11. Why do we see a need to add to our expenses by paying an outside consulting group?
    Outside consultants, namely Injoy Stewardship Solutions, serve churches throughout the country. They draw upon data analytics, history in supporting other congregations, and statistical probabilities in assessing our unique circumstances. Their experience and consultation keep us from having to learn and implement a campaign or sacrifice the time and energies of a staff member to manage such a campaign. They have assisted in understanding our giving capacity. They will also train our lay leaders in managing every aspect of the program. It is also important to note that the consultant’s fees are fixed – they do not earn a percentage of funds raised.
  12. I only want to financially support a specific portion of the project.  How can I do that?
    Sacrificial gifts, no matter how large or small, contribute to accomplishing the vision and ministry of Columbus Avenue. Where individuals feel a personal connection to a ministry or program associated with the campaign, we welcome your offerings as well. Realize, however, that we will proceed with the phases as identified, to be most efficient and faithful in accomplishing the needs identified in the Facilities 2025 plan, as overwhelmingly approved October 9, 2016.
  13. Can I start my giving now, even before the start of the capital campaign?
    Yes. Please be sure to designate your gift to the “Facilities 2025” fund. This will ensure that your offerings are directed toward fulfilling this vision.
  14. Tell me more about Injoy Stewardship Solutions (ISS).
    Injoy came recommended to us from several sources. Injoy Stewardship was founded in 1992 by John Maxwell. They have served over 4,000 churches across the United States with capital campaign planning and stewardship development. In addition to assessing the giving capacity of congregations, they provide a four-step program for campaign implementation: vision clarification, leadership development, going public, and follow-thru. For Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, they will assist us in crafting and implementing a capital campaign that is unique to us while drawing on their experiences in the industry. To learn more about ISS, check out their website at:
  15. Will there be an opportunity for matching gifts as an incentive for other givers?
    Yes. ISS works with us to develop various ways to motivate giving, including matching gifts.
  16. Will the Facilities 2025 projects be competitively bid?
    Yes.  For the Children’s Building and The Center, the general contractor has already been competitively bid.  From our architect’s recommendations, we selected a list of general contractors, requested proposals (including pricing), interviewed each one, and identified the general contractor of our choice.  When the project begins, the chosen general contractor will then bid each subcontract from lists of pre-approved subcontractors.  We will review these bids also.  The type of contract that we chose for the general contractor gives us a “guaranteed maximum price” and also allows us to see all of the bidding and details of the entire project.  For the infrastructure projects (HVAC, roof, windows), we will work with our architect and HVAC consultant, to compile specifications for bidding.  We will create a list of approved vendors to ask for requests for quotes, to provide the appropriate price competition.
  17. If I cannot attend church on June 4, will I still have an opportunity to vote?
    Yes! To vote on the Facilities 2025 Recommendation come back to on Sunday, June 4, from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM to submit your ballot.