For more information regarding rentals, please contact Elizabeth at 254-754-7971 ext. 9138

Party Packages

Pool Party

Price includes: 2 hour party; full 2 hours in the Atrium and 1 of those hours in the pool at the same time.  *Pool Parties must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance*
*Extra time in the pool is an additional cost.
*Please note: One lifeguard is needed for every 25 people in the pool area. If more than 25 people attend your party, you will need to pay the extra lifeguard fee ($15/hour) to accommodate your numbers.

Gym Party

Price Includes: 2 hour party; 2 hours in the Gym and in the Food Court.
*Extra time in the Gym and Food Court is an additional cost.
*Inflatables are available for use in the Gym. Please see section below to view photos of inflatables.

Family Reunions

Price includes: Use of the first and second floors.
*If you are interested in using the Pool, there will be an additional fee.


Price includes: Use of the first and second floors.
*The use of the Pool is an additional fee. This includes use of the pool for 2 hours between the hours of 9pm and midnight. One lifeguard is included in this price.

Room Rentals

Adult Game Room
Arts and Crafts Room
Conference Room
Fireside Room
Food Court
Racquetball Court
Retreat Center


  • Bounce Castle
  • Bounce Castle
  • Bounce House (outside only)
  • Slip-n-Slide (outside only)
  • Slip-n-Slide (outside only)
  • Small Obstacle Course
  • Small Obstacle Course
  • Small Obstacle Course