How do I contact the Music Ministry?

There are several ways to contact us: Phone - (254) 752-1655; Fax - (254) 752-1330; or by email. Check our staff page for email addresses. 

Where is the Music Suite?

The Music Suite is located on the main floor of our church campus in room 212. 

Do I have to be a member of the church to sing in the choirs?

No. We welcome anyone who loves to sing into our choirs! While we encourage you to unite with us by church membership, you may become a member of the Sanctuary Choir regardless of your church membership status. 

Do I have to audition to join the Sanctuary Choir?

No. We hold auditions for solos, duets, trios, etc. and for the Sanctuary Orchestra or an auditioned ensemble. 

Do I have to be able to read music to sing in the choir?

No. Most of our members sing by ear. We rehearse music well in advance of when we sing it on Sunday morning. You will have plenty of time to hear it and learn it without the knowledge of how to read music!

What if I just want to sing in a special program?

We welcome you to join us for any special programs we present. Many people enjoy singing with us so much that they want to join the “full-time” choir! 

Can I still sing Sunday if I can't come to Wednesday's rehearsal?

Each member of the Sanctuary Choir is expected to come on Wednesday to rehearsals; however, we realize that sometimes things come up. If you cannot attend rehearsal on Wednesday night for some reason, please sing with us Sunday anyway. 

How do I become a member of Sanctuary Choir?

Simply attend a normal Wednesday night rehearsal in the Sanctuary and there will be someone there to greet you and help you fill out an enrollment from. You will then be assigned a robe and given a tour of the Music Suite. 

Is childcare available during Sanctuary Choir rehearsal?

Yes. Childcare is available from birth through 6th grade and our youth meet on Wednesday nights during the rehearsal time as well. We take care of your children during all of our events so that you can be a part of this exciting group! 

If I want to sing in an ensemble, do I need to join the Sanctuary Choir?

Yes. Membership in the Sanctuary Choir is a requirement for participation in our auditioned vocal ensembles. To make an appointment to audition, contact the music office at 254-752-1655. 

What ages are included in your Senior Adult Choir?

The Singing Saints choir includes ages 55 and better. John-Micah Braswell, our Music Associate, directs this ensemble.