Discipleship is a necessary and important component of the Christian faith.  We must continually train our minds to be ready to answer the call put to us by 1 Peter 3:15.  These are only glimpses to help answer questions about the Christian worldview. Click below for more resources.


Category: Dylan Manley

Evidence for the Resurrection Part 2

In this Five Minute Friday video Dylan discusses the multitude of witnesses who reported to see Jesus post-mortem.  How can this be explained?  Is it all a lie, a hallucination, or even a case of misidentification?  Not likely.  Dylan explains how these witness corrobrate the resurrection narrative.         WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Read More

Evidence for the Resurrection Part 1

This week Dylan looks at evidence for the resurrection of Jesus as a true historical fact and claim.  Many skeptics argue the resurrection couldn't have happened, but a question they must then answer...what happened to the body of Jesus?  Dylan explains.         WATCH VIDEO HERE Read More