Discipleship is a necessary and important component of the Christian faith.  We must continually train our minds to be ready to answer the call put to us by 1 Peter 3:15.  These are only glimpses to help answer questions about the Christian worldview. Click below for more resources.


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Evidence for the Resurrection Part 4

Is it possible that Jesus really only fainted or passed on the cross and did not actually die?  That is one popular theory among skeptics and athesits.  They claim the reason the tomb was empty on Easter Sunday was because Jesus simply woke up from his exhaustion and sauntered out.  This is called the Swoon Theory, but there are several major problems Dylan addresses here.   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Read More

Evidence for the Resurrection Part 3

In the third installment of our Five Minute Friday resurrecition series, Dylan looks at an astounding piece of evidence.  This evidence is that women were first to discover the empty tomb.  This would not logically make any sense if the followers of Jesus were simply looking to make up a story.  Listen to Dylan for this evidence!     WATCH VIDEO HERE Read More

Evidence for the Resurrection Part 2

In this Five Minute Friday video Dylan discusses the multitude of witnesses who reported to see Jesus post-mortem.  How can this be explained?  Is it all a lie, a hallucination, or even a case of misidentification?  Not likely.  Dylan explains how these witness corrobrate the resurrection narrative.         WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Read More

Evidence for the Resurrection Part 1

This week Dylan looks at evidence for the resurrection of Jesus as a true historical fact and claim.  Many skeptics argue the resurrection couldn't have happened, but a question they must then answer...what happened to the body of Jesus?  Dylan explains.         WATCH VIDEO HERE Read More