Giving at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church is certainly part of our worship and thankfulness to God. We not only promote giving through tithes and offerings but also that we should be generous givers, cheerful givers, and regular givers.  


Debt Free Congregation

Columbus Avenue became debt free in August 2012, paying off the balance of all existing loans at that time. During the summer of 2012 the members were challenged to give above and beyond the tithe toward debt and pay it off. That summer, led by our interim pastor Dr. Hullit Gloer, we celebrated the giving of $190k and paid off our note making Columbus Avenue debt free. 

Capital Improvements 

Columbus Avenue has a large campus two and half city blocks long hosting over two hundred thousand square feet of usable facility space. During 2011/2012 the leadership of the church met and began developing a long term facility upgrade plan. Out of the fruit of their time and effort, Operation Phase Out was developed. During the summer of 2013, once again the members were challenged by Dr Gloer to give above and beyond the tithe toward funding Operation Phase Out, a 12 phase plan to upgrade areas of the facility. In August 2013, we again celebrated the giving of over $200K toward this fund, completely funding Operation Phase Out. 

Budget Surplus

Columbus Avenue operated on a $2.8M annual budget during 2013/2014. During the year, members were once again challenged to give first to the budget, then over and above to the budget even more. After fully funding the annual budget, any overage would go toward projects and needs around the church as outlined by the Long Range Planning Committee. In September of 2014, we celebrated the giving of a fully funded budget of $2.8m and a $118K surplus. 

The people of Columbus Avenue Baptist Church know how to give cheerfully, generously, and regularly!