As part of our international partnership with Trinity Baptist Church (Iglesia Evangélica Bautista ‘La Trinitat’ de Dénia) and Colegio Alfa & Omega, Columbus Avenue Baptist Church (CABC) is blessed to have international students each year.  Within the past five years, CABC families have hosted more than 10 students.

When an international student comes to CABC he or she stays with a host family. Host families make a commitment for one month or more.

Having a new family member who shares your family's interests is fun! International students are eager to become a true member of their new family, school and community. Each student has a lot to offer. You can introduce your exchange student to Christ by encouraging him or her to take part in activities at your church. Many host families become lifelong friends with their international students. Your children also have the opportunity to learn another language or improve upon a language they are already studying.

When you host an international student he or she becomes part of the family. In general, host families are voluntary and not compensated for hosting international students. As a member of the family, the student is expected to follow the family rules, participate in family activities and contribute to the home environment.  The host family provides regular meals.  The family is not obligated to cook special meals for the student, but we ask the family to encourage the student to cook dishes from his or her home country.

Contact our Minister of Missions, David Villarreal, if you are interested in hosting an international student.
Questions about Hosting an International Student