Anxiety Conversation Guides

Tools for talking to your child about anxiety
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Life Pointers


Dealing with Addiction
Hope to Marry
So You're Engaged
Living Together and Not Married
Building a Stable Marriage
In a Difficult Marriage
The Spouse of a Non-believer
Empty Nest
Assisting Aging Loved Ones


General Parenting

Considering Having Children
Facing Infertility Guide
Exploring Adoption Guide
Preparing for a Baby Guide
Unplanned Pregnancy
As a Single Parent
Blending Families
Intentional Parenting Guide
Family Finances
Becoming Grandparents

Parenting Young Children

Disciplining Young Children Guide
Guide to Special Needs Children
Introducing Child to Christ Guide
Guide to Child's Education
Preparing for Adolescence Guide


Parenting Older Children

Sexual Identity Confusion Guide
Difficult Teens Guide
Prodigal Kids Guide
Guide to Dealing with Grief
Launching Young Adults

Video Resources

Pastor Josh sermon Series

Video of Sermons

Website Resources    A website that gives some reasons why moms and dads need to live their faith at home.    A great website that will point parents in the right direction regarding resources for their family.    A Focus on the Family-sponsored website where you will find credible advice, practical solutions for today’s problems … and hope for tomorrow.     Helping families thrive. A site that will provide encouraging information for every stage in life.     Brian Haynes, the author of The Legacy Path, shares weekly inspirational support for building a strong family and leaving a Christ-like legacy for your children and grandchildren.     Downloadable document – “A Guys’ Guide to Marrying Well”     A webzine offering young adults encouragement to live abundantly as singles while seeking God’s best in either celibacy or marriage.  A website that helps women through their crisis pregnancy, offering articles on crisis pregnancy centers, unplanned pregnancy options, abortion alternatives, adoption options, and anything else related to a crisis pregnancy.