A Message From Our Staff

On behalf of theCENTER staff, we would like to welcome you. God has blessed Columbus Avenue Baptist Church with this building, and we want to share it with our community. We not only want to help you stay physically fit, we want you to feel God’s love through our Christ-Centered environment. We strive to maintain a family friendly atmosphere and to meet your needs in many different ways. Come by and visit us today and join in the blessing God has given us.


Meet theCENTER Staff

Brandal McCormack

theCENTER Director

Elizabeth Walter

theCENTER Assistant Director


Rec Assistants

Will Hancock
Brandyn Kinsey
Rebecca Perez
Joe Mata
Colin Bruggeman

Current Job Openings

theCENTER Recreation Assistant

Recreation Assistants are responsible for supervising theCENTER, enforcing and interpreting policies and procedures when full time staff is not available.  Recreation Assistants will be scheduled to preform opening and closing duties for two evening shifts and one morning shift every week (Mon.- Fri.), Saturday shifts are scheduled on a rotating basis.  Additional shifts may be picked up from other staff members if there is a need.   Recreation Assistants are to provide customer service to members as they utilize our facility.  This position is part-time and schedules for all shifts are made at the beginning of every semester.  Read the full job description for more details about the position.  If you would like to apply download the application and contact Brandal McCormack, 254.537.9121.