Registration for Day Camp 2019 will begin March 11th @ 8:45am. 

*Financial Assistance applications are now available, please email Brandal McCormack for a financial assistance application and further instructions. Applications must be returned by March 4th, ALL registrations will be online this year. You may still complete an application after March 4th but it is not garunteed the application will get processed by your child's registration date.

Day Camp Registration will open on a rolling basis by grade this year. Every day during the first week of registration a new grade will open up, please only register your camper for the grade they will have completed as of June 2019. Once a grade has been released it will remain open until the grade/week fills up.

Day Camp 2019 Registration Schedule:

Monday March 11th: Kindergarten 

Tuesday March 12th: 1st Grade

Wednesday March 13th: 2nd Grade

Thursday March 14th: 3rd Grade

Friday March 15th: 4th, 5th & 6th Grade

Registration instructions are below, we highly recommend reading through all instructions before attempting to register your child(ren).


Instructions to sign up for Day Camp


1. Go to theCENTER's webpage,  *It is easier to register on a computer than a mobile device*

2. Follow link to Mindbody (at the bottom of this page)

3. Click "Been here before?" or "New to our site?" If you created an account last year, you will select "Been here before?" and use the same account for this year.  (If you can't remember your username and password, contact us at theCENTER and we can help you out. Please do not create another account.)

4. "New to our site?" Create an account for YOU (Parent or Guardian) by following the steps on the screen: 1. Contact Info (You, Parent or Guardian), 2. Login (this is how you will access Mindbody), 3. Add Family Member (child(ren))- Add a separate family member (#3) for each camper. Add camper name, double check the relationship name is your (Parent/Guardian) name, enter your email address for each camper, select YES for paid for by (your name), and enter the campers birth date.

5. Once you have created your account your Profile will show up.  Select the Day Camp tab, top left.  Register your campers into the grade that they will have completed as of June 2019.  Find the desired week/grade you would like and click "sign up now!".  Make sure you click Enroll-(child's name) when registering them for a week.

*Do not at any point hit the back button while registering, this can cause an error while registering.

6. In order to register online you must pay online with a credit or debit card. All 2019 season registrations will be done online, we will not be allowing registration without payment.

7. After you have added the weeks needed and made your payment you will receive a confirmation email with a link to fill out the detailed enrollment form.  This  form must be filled out for EACH child you enroll.  You only need to fill this form out one time per child regardless of how many confirmation emails you receive. 

*Before registering for Day Camp, have you read all instructions?*

2019 Day Camp Registration