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Remedy #1 - If you don't know, don't go.

Remedy #1 for Keeping Pleasure in It's Place (Proverbs 7:6-9) "If you don't know, don't go." Proverbs 7 describes what happens when a person fails to keep pleasure in its place. Using the picture of a young man going "near" the house that he will later discover leads to death (7:27), the proverb points us to Remedy #1 for keeping pleasure in its place. "If you don't know, don't go." This young man failed to practice Remedey #1.... Read More
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Will you make these vows?

A Christian's Daily Vows: Remembering the promise which He painstakingly revealed to you in the Bible, do you promise to daily delight in God’s revelation of Himself throughout history and in your life? Remembering the passion which He willingly endured for you, do you promise to love Him first, subordinating all other loves, desires and affections to Him? Remembering the possibility that He has generously made available to you that you might taste Heaven now and enjoy Him... Read More
Posted by Josh Vaughan at Sunday, January 29, 2017
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Family Bible Preteens

We are breaking new ground in my family in this category of family worship resources. My oldest has walked through each of the previous stage and been exposed to various tools. Some I have mentioned here and others I have quietly thrown in the garbage! You can’t always get it right! One tool that has been particularly helpful with my preteen and Bible reading has been The Action Bible , by Mauss. This Bible is written like a graphic novel with intense imagery that is sure to catch the... Read More
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Family Bibles Early Elementary

Things get really fun when your kids are in their early elementary years! They are able to explore much more of the depth of a story, understand tension and mystery and often time they ask deeper theological questions than most adults! Don’t be afraid though. You don’t need a theology degree to walk a child through the Bible, but a good family Bible story book will be an invaluable help.  My all time favorite is Sally Lloyd-Jones’ The Jesus Storybook Bible. Even adults... Read More
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Family Bible Time

For the next few days I’m going to highlight some Bibles that our family has found helpful for our family worship time when our children were at different ages. Today, I’ll point to two bibles for preschoolers. The Baby Bible Storybook , by Currie and Adams (2003), is out of print now, but can still be bought online for under $5. This “board book” Bible features very short sentences to read to your child with colorful pictures of many of the most well known Bible... Read More
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8 Minutes

Walking through Target on Tuesday reminded me of one of the reasons I love living in Waco. Move in week! Dozens of 18 year olds accompanied by dutiful parents were buying everything they could think of that the upcoming semester may require. The excited anticipation on the faces of young adults was evident, and just as evident was the anxious anticipation on the faces of their parents! Both responses are perfectly reasonable. In the next few months and years, young adults in our town will... Read More
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Power for Change

I share the following reflection in hopes that it may help to reorient our hearts to a realistic and balanced hope for change in our nation.  The power for change in our nation is not in a president. Presidents are important, but they are not most important. Presidents have a power to speak, to persuade and to represent, but they don't have the power to transform. Although a president is called to represent the entire nation, our primary system brings to the forefront candidates who... Read More
Posted by Josh Vaughan at Monday, August 8, 2016 | 2 comments
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This doesn’t happen everyday…to me at least. An African American man asked me to help him buy lunch. That does happen nearly every day and goes with spending time near the poverty of North Waco. But this time, I sensed the gentle nudge of the Spirit saying “go with him.” So I told the man I would buy him lunch if he would tell me his story. This too happens frequently for me. It is one of the great privileges of my work to meet new people each week and hear the joys and... Read More
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Ninety-two. That is the number of names presented to God on Sunday by our people who were committing to talk with them about salvation in Jesus and praying for God to work in their hearts. Ninety-two. Three hundred and sixty-eight. If those 92 people have 4 others in their family, workplace or friend group, then there will 368 additional people who are touched by the good news of Jesus. One hundred and sixty-three thousand, five hundred and twenty. That is the estimated population of... Read More
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If you are on our campus this week, you may notice a few differences. Vans, trailers, water coolers…and people, lots of people! This week we are hosting BOUNCE, a week long mission and service camp for teenagers across the state. Churches from Plainview, Lufkin, Marshall, Fort Worth and other cities around the state have brought over 150 teenagers to Waco this week to serve for the glory of God and the good of others. They are sleeping, eating, resting and worshipping on our campus and... Read More
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