Provides short-term help for people in need of immediate assistance.

Pathway Ministries of CABC is an evangelistic outreach. Our desire is to minister to the whole person and share with them the hope they can find in Jesus.

Family Food Distribution

Each month, family food sets are given to families in need of food.

Assistance With Utility Payments

On the second Monday of each month, families are counseled, and we pay up to $75 on utility bills for each family that qualifies.

Snack Sacks For Homeless

We make 125 snack sacks each month and take them to the Meyer Center, where they are distributed to homeless people.


Backpacks for Brook Avenue

We provide food assistance to students in need at Brook Avenue, Cedar Ridge, and Crestview elementary schools so they can have provision over the weekends.


Clothes Closet

The CABC Clothes Closet is an expression of the church’s concern for people in need. This ministry provides for the distribution of clothing donated by CABC members and McClennan County residents, striving to provide adequate clothing for families, homeless person, those in transition from relocation or re-entry into the workforce, or any person with an identifiable need. Please register here.

If you need assistance call 254.537.9096 on the second Monday of the month for food or bill help and 254.537.9311 for clothing needs.

If you would like to help with Pathway Ministries contact Judy Smith or David Villarreal.