Food Pantry Collection

Pathway has a new food collection method!  Sunday School Classes have been assigned a food item or food items (depending on the size of the class).  As we have a need for that particular food a specified person in that class will be notified of a need for that item and the number of items needed.  If your class does not receive a call right away, that will indicate we currently have a good supply of that item.  For instance, we have a lot of corn and green beans at present.  It will take us a while to get our supplies and request for supplies running smoothly so be patient with us. This is a good method for keeping our food pantry needs met without getting more of one item than we need and not enough of others. If you would like to take a part in the Food Pantry other than supplying food and financial support we can always use people to help us package the food that we give out to our clients. 

 As always you are the secret to the success of this ministry.  Thank you for your support.    

 Pathway Committee