Our Ministry Philosophy

At Columbus Avenue, we believe that parents are to be their child's primary spiritual teacher in their child's life. According to Deuteronomy 6, parents are not only to love the Lord and have his commandments on their hearts, but they are to teach their children to do the same.  Parents impress God’s truth in every day life. As one parent summarized.  
We want to give children a solid foundation of faith—spiritual concept by spiritual concept, in a step-by-step, sequential way—much like laying bricks. So that in the end he or she will have a solid foundation of faith on which the entire structure of faith will rise…not just a pile of bricks.

Our basic beliefs include:

  • Parents as primary spiritual teacher 
  • The Church's role is to affirm the spiritual teaching done at home 
  • We want to be a parent’s greatest fan and resource 
  • Worship as families 
  • Children as vital persons in the Family of Faith 
  • Relationship-based ministry 
  • Bible is textbook for every organization and event