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Since 1901, music at Columbus Avenue has served as a vital pillar of the worship experience.  From multi-generational to multi-cultural areas of Christian impact, the expression of worship through music has blessed our community and world in countless ways.  Worship at Columbus Avenue has influenced individuals and families seeking the opportunity to answer the call to serve and pray for encountering God genuinely, authentically, and purposefully.
According to results compiled from 482 completed surveys, representing all three worship venues, these are the following notable conclusions regarding the current music and worship identity:
  • Multiple dynamic worship venues, including Band-led, Choir-led, and Spanish-language experiences
  • Passion for excellence through professional quality production and delivery
  • Heritage of choir and orchestra-led traditional worship
  • Openness to variety of styles and expressions of worship
  • Vibrant and growing Band-led worship
  • Commitment to training multiple generations of worshippers in a variety of ways
  • Talent-rich community, both within the church family and through local connections
  • Music ministry is a vital part of the church identity
  • We value the times we worship together in a combined venue
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