"walking with the son of man"

Walking With the Son of Man: Discovering Jesus Through the Gospel of Luke.
Some companies host “Bring a Friend to Work Day” to allow friends and families to
get an inside look at what life is like for their loved ones.
Luke invites us to “shadow” Jesus at work to better understand
who He is and what He came to do…for you.


August 18
The Roadmap
Luke 1:1-4
August 25
Where Are You From?
Luke 1:5-38
September 1
A Mother’s Intuition
Luke 1:39-56
September 8
All in the Family
Luke 1:57-80
September 15
More than a Poor Man’s Son
Luke 2:1-21
September 22
Teachers and Coaches
Luke 2:22-40
September 29
Early Signs
Luke 2:41-52
October 6
What Do You Do?
Luke 3:1-20
October 13
Divine Calling, Divine Mission
Luke 3:21-28
October 20
Reality Strikes
Luke 4:1-13
October 27
Preacher Jesus
Luke 4:14-30
November 3
Power Jesus
Luke 4:31-37
November 10
Healer Jesus
Luke 4:38-44
November 17
Leader Jesus
Luke 5:1-11
November 24
Forgiver Jesus
Luke 5:12-26