The Witness: Judges Speaks Today


January 6
The Witness
Joshua 24; Judges 1
January 13
The Pattern
Judges 2
January 20
The Test
Judges 3
January 27
Fear and Courage
Judges 4-5
February 3
Finding a Leader
Judges 6
February 10
Finding an Army
Judges 7
February 17
Finding a King
Judges 8-9
The Witness: Judges Speaks Today. A witness stands up in court and provides testimony against an accused. Joshua set up a stone to serve as a “witness” of the people’s promise to completely keep the covenant with God. The story of Judges is a witness to the people’s failure to keep their covenant and so justly bringing condemnation upon themselves. However, the story is also a witness to the merciful faithfulness of God to send leaders who turned the people back. “The Witness” points forward to the Stone which stands as a Witness against all humanity and for those who receive Him (Matthew 21:42).