"Psalms for a King"

July 7
Creator King
Psalm 93:1-4
July 14
King to the Nations
Psalm 47
July 21
Idol Kings, Idle Kings
Psalm 97:6-9
July 28
Holy King
Psalm 24:3-6
August 4
Justice from the King
Psalm 98:7-9
August 11
Sing to the King
Psalm 100
Called “Enthronement Psalms” by some scholars, this collection of psalms celebrate Yahweh as King and call everyone and everything to give Him praise. These psalms develop themes of Yahweh’s creative and sustaining power, His glory going to the nations, His victory over idolatry, His holiness, and His justice. This series explores one theme each week running throughout the Enthronement Psalms and pointing to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.