Sunday SCHOOL & small groups reopening updates 

Date: 8/13/20 5:00 pm
Subject: Reopen Planning

Sunday School will reopen on September 13th

Guidelines for Preschool Sunday School Re-opening:

At check-in:   
● Before allowing entry to the building staff will screen all individuals, including taking the temperature of each person upon arrival at the operation each day and deny entry to any person who meets any of the following criteria:
   ○ In the previous 14 days has had ​contact​ with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19; is under investigation for COVID-19; or is ill with a respiratory illness; or
   ○ Signs or ​symptoms​ of a respiratory infection, such as a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and low-grade fever; ○ A ​temperature​ of 100.4°F or above;
   ○ In the previous 14 days has ​traveled​ ​internationally​ to countries with widespread, sustained community transmission. For updated information on affected countries, visit
● Adults and children over the age of 10 will be asked to wear ​masks​ where they are unable to maintain 6 feet of separation from other people.  
● One adult per family should drop off and pick up, preferably the same adult both times.
● A volunteer will assist with computer check-in for a touchless check-in experience.  
● Rooms will open 15 minutes prior to services. 
Social distancing for preschoolers :
● We will limit interaction between children in other classes by temporarily suspending buggy rides and playground time.  
● Classrooms have limits and will be closed if and when they fill up.  
Cleaning and Disinfecting efforts
● Adults and children will wash their hands frequently, including adults washing the babies’ hands.
● Toys are frequently washed and disinfected.
● Toys and other nonessential items from home will not be brought into the classroom.  
● Ziploc baggies and markers will be supplied at check-in for essential items to be brought into the classroom (diaper, bottle or cup, pacifier). Any other items will be left in the hallway outside the classroom. 

Guidelines for 1st-6th Grade Sunday School Re-opening:

• Greeters will be stationed at each check-in kiosk to key in the child’s information and print name tags.   The greeter at the kiosk will also check temperatures upon arrival.
• Drop-off/pick up to and from the 2nd-floor classrooms will be limited to 1st-3rd grade classes by only 1 parent or adult (no siblings or other children)
• 4th-6th grade students will walk themselves to/from their class establishing a designated spot outside the Children’s Building to meet their family at the end of class time.  No children will be allowed to wait in the hallways or lobby area.
• One way traffic patterns will be followed in the 2nd-floor hallway for drop off/pick up.  Parents/kids will enter using the stairwell nearest the 13th Street Entrance or the sky bridge and exit using the opposite stairwell nearest the 1st-grade classroom.
• Only 1 person or family should use the elevator at a time and only as physically necessary.
• Only 1 person or family should use the restrooms at the same time.  Teachers may wait outside the door to monitor usage.
• Hand sanitizer will be provided at each entrance as well as outside each classroom.  Teachers and students will sanitize their hands before entering the classroom.
• Inasmuch as it is possible, kids will be socially distanced in the classroom.  Fewer chairs will be available at each table, chairs spaced out for “group time”, etc.
• Face coverings will be required for all persons 1st grade and up.
• Chairs/tables as well as other high touch surfaces will be sanitized after each meeting.
• Individual supply boxes will be provided for each child to prevent the sharing of classroom supplies such as markers, glue, scissors, etc.
• Sanitizing wipes will be provided in the Multi-Purpose room so that foosball, air hockey, basketball, etc. can be wiped off between players.

Guidelines for Youth Activities Re-opening:

The student ministry will be requiring masks for all in-person activities, doing social distancing, and screening people as they arrive. In an effort to create the safest environment possible we will also be meeting outside for all of our midweek gatherings until it gets that time of year that we can no longer do that. For Sunday School we will be in groups less than 10 throughout the 4th floor. 

Guidelines for Adult Sunday School Re-opening:
  • Please use the entrance/exit closest to your destination.
  • Some Sunday Department relocations will be necessary to provide proper spacing in seating arrangements.
  • Masks will be provided in each room if an individual desires a mask but does not have one.
  • Teachers may choose to wear a mask or not depending upon spacing and teaching needs.
  • Please do not gather or congregate in the hallways.
  • No coffee stations will be offered for the remainder of the year to eliminate gathering spots and times where multiple individuals may be in contact with common items.
  • As much as possible, rooms will not be used by multiple groups during the week.
  • Electronic or paper attendance will be taken of those present in the room for health tracing purposes. Leaders should identify all members participating online, but electronic and paper attendance submitted to the Sunday School Office is required for all physically present in the room.
  • Guest connection cards should be completed by accessing or by having guests text the word “welcome” to 254-274-2323 and completing the connection card electronically. No paper forms should be used.
  • Persons testing positive or having symptoms in the week following Sunday School attendance should notify their class director or the church office as soon as possible.


Date: 6/1/20 5:00 pm
Subject: Reopen Planning

We are in Phase II of our Phased Reopening Plan, so our Sunday School and small groups will continue to meet online. For more information, please visit the Reopening page on our website.

Date: 5/4/20 5;00 pm
Subject: Reopen Planning

We are in Phase I of our Phased Reopening Plan, so our Sunday School and small groups will continue to meet online. For more information, please visit the Reopening page on our website.

Date: 4/28/20 10:15 am
Subject: Reopen Planning

Pastor Josh will share Columbus Avenue's reopening plan on Sunday, May 3rd. Be sure to join the service via Livestream or Facebook Live!

Date: 4/17/20 2:30pm
Subject: Reopen Planning

The Columbus Avenue staff and leadership are developing a three-phase reopening plan that coincides with the “Opening Up America” guidelines ( and with Governor Abbott’s “Open Texas” guidelines ( These plans include ways to reopen the CDC and theCENTER using new procedures aimed at keeping participants and staff safe. At this point, a reopening date has not been established, but training for all staff in new, health safety procedures is being scheduled. An overview of reopening plans is scheduled to be released at the end of next week. 

Date: 3/31/20 5:30pm
Subject: Closures through April 30

In keeping with Governor Abbott's extension of the Shelter In Place order, all In-Person Activities suspension will be extended through April 30. Worship services will be live-streamed at 9am on the web and Facebook and at 11am on CW12. Many Sunday Bible Groups are meeting via Zoom currently. Get connected with a Zoom Sunday Bible Group.