Spiritual Health CheckUp

A spiritual health check-up is a meeting where a staff or lay minister will meet with a member of the church in order to see how the member is doing and provide care. In the same way that you have regular check-ups with your personal physician to track the health of your body, the spiritual health check-up is designed to track and care for your spiritual health.
In the course of the check-up, the minister will help you explore how you are doing spiritually through a series of questions. However, rather than this being an awkward interview, these check-ups are – at heart – opportunities for our church to walk in the light together and grow in holiness together, all for the glory of God and the good of one another. 


Some of the questions you may be asked include:
1) Share the story of how your relationship with Jesus began?
2)How would you talk about the good news of what Christ has done?
3) What steps are you taking to increase that growth?
4) Is there an area of your Christian experience in which you are having trouble? What steps can you take to make it better?
5) How is your family (if applicable) doing spiritually?
6) How are you seeking to affect the world with your Christian faith?
7) How are you relating to Columbus Avenue? In person, online, tv. How often? Are there any unresolved conflicts for you?
8) How can I pray for you and/or your family?


If you would like to schedule a spiritual health check-up with one of our ministers, please fill out the form below and a minister will reach out to you.