​​​​​​​When and Where?
Sunday Morning Bible Study takes place on the fourth floor of the main building!  We will meet together in the Youth Room (Rm 417) for donuts and fun before moving into our small-group rooms. 
Student Rooms
Junior High Ladies — Rm 411
Teachers:  Madison Hatchel, Cecily McIlwain
Junior High Guys  Rm 415
Teachers:  Chance Connell, Stephen Balaban
High School Ladies — Rm 419
Teachers:  Annie Johnigan, Macie Davis
High School Guys — Rm 422
Teachers:  Cal Stevens, Kenneth Esterhuizen
We gather on Sunday mornings because we believe Christian community is one of the things that keeps us alive!  During Sunday Morning Bible Study students get to talk about the things that keep them awake at night — the things that matter most.  We work together to figure out how to live in the world and how God makes a difference in everything we see, say, and do.