There are three easy options to choose from to give online:

I am already a member and have a login and want to give now
I am a guest and would like to give online
I am a church member but need a login. The Webview Administrator will send you an email with a temporary password. Use that to login and set up your profile and change your password and your all set up.

What is Webview?

Webview is a powerful resource for church members to stay connected. With Webview, you have the ability to create your own secure member profile that will give you access to these areas.

Member Directory

Look up phone numbers and addresses of church members. Only church members have access to this secure site. Each member has a personal profile they manage that sets what other see about them in the directory. We encourage each member to be listed in the directory. However, for personal reasons any member can opt out of the on-line directory.

Church Database Updating

Through WEBVIEW members can update their personal and family information to the church membership database. If you move or change phones or email address you can simply make those changes to your WEBVIEW profile.


Electronic giving has become a very popular method of making a contribution. EGIVE is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for your convenience. Here you can make a one time donation, set up a recurring payment weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Each member has full control of their giving options and is using a secure site checked daily.

Contribution History

With your own profile you can look up your giving history and even print a statement at any time to match to your records.