Welcome Back to Worship!




FAQ's About In-Person Worship

What time is the in-person worship service?

Answer: We will have one service at 9:00 a.m. The sanctuary will open at 8:45 to allow everyone plenty of time to come in and find a seat.

Where will I park?

Answer: There will be parking spaces marked to provide a safe distance between cars. Handicapped spaces will still be provided for those that need it. 

What entrances do I use? 

Answer: There will be 5 designated entrances to the sanctuary. Entrance #1 will be for high risk or vulnerable participants. Greeters will help you, so there will not be too many people at a single entrance. 

Where will I sit?

Answer: There will be pews roped off to ensure social distancing for everyone. The 2 sections closest to Entrance #1 will be reserved for those most vulnerable. We would encourage families to sit in the balcony where more space is available. When the service is over we will dismiss the congregation by rows to avoid clusters of people at the exits.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

Answer: You are encouraged to wear a cloth face-covering in keeping with the CDC recommendations, but you will not be required to wear one. We will have some masks available for you if you do not have one already.

Will child care be available?

Answer: Not at this time. Children of all ages are welcome in the worship service, and we expect that many of our families will sit in the balcony where there are larger seating sections available.

If you have questions we did not address, please feel free to contact the church office. We look forward to seeing you back in worship as God leads you!